An Opinion of MLMLeadSystemPRO

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I would like to take you through the steps of setting up MLMLeadSystemPro. When I am done, I will give you my opinion of the system.

You cannot set up the system without at least paying $1.00 to gain access. That dollar will allow you to set up your system and use it for a period of two weeks.

That is enough time to get it set up and begin marketing. If you focus you can usually set up the system in a matter of an hour. If you are new to the internet or need to watch the tutorials that are placed at every turn, you may take quite a bit longer to set up your system.

After setting up an account, you will be directed to a “Getting Started” page where you will see an Orientation Video. Videos are used very effectively to explain the steps of setting up MLSP system. The video is good about heading you in the right direction to set up your account.

Next you will be asked to purchase a domain. Domains are not required but it is strongly recommended that you purchase a domain so that you can brand yourself and stand out in the crowd. It is recommended that you go to for that purchase. You can choose whatever domain name you would like at GoDaddy.

In step 3 you are asked to set up your profile. Your profile settings are used throughout the system where needed to direct people to you or your website or even you social marketing sites such as twitter or facebook.

Step 4 has you set up income streams. MLMLeadSystemPro is very good about giving you many options to point your sign ups to for further resources and training that are not included in the system. Mike Dillard is one that is a prominently promoted in the MLSP backoffice.

Step 5 will have you set up your primary program. This is an excellent part of the system. You can actually use whatever program or referring affiliate you want in this part and the system will automatically promote that program for you. This makes MLMLeadSystemPrO very customizable to your programs and needs.

Step 6 will walk you through the steps of setting up an autoresponder. An integral part of this system. You customize your own autoresponder to what you want to do and say or use a default system that is already set up with follow up messages which are tied to the programs that you have set up in the MLSP system.

Steps 7 & 8 walk you through setting up your first campaign, including videos and lead capture pages.

Step 9 shows you how to use the domain that you have purchased to forward people to the campaign that you have set up and introduce them to MLMLeadSystemPRO and also your own personal campaign that you have set up.

Step 10 tests the system to make sure it is all working properly and then step 11 starts you on the path to marketing you websites.

There is plenty of other training and set up that you can do in your backoffice but this will at least get you started and on your way to prospering and creating your own brand of wealth on the internet.

It is my humble opinion that this system is the best on the internet for those who are just starting out or even those who have experience in marketing websites and products on the world wide web.

Darwin Farr

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A Baby Boomer with experience in attraction marketing. The type of experience that has helped thousands to success on the world wide web.

Is Mike Dillard And Magnetic Sponsoring Overhyped? A Review Of Mike Dillard and His Magnetic Sponsoring Training

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Mike Dillard is the creator of Magnetic Sponsoring one of the most exciting MLM training courses on the market. If like me you’re an avid consumer of MLM training materials, you’ll agree that as high as 80 per cent of the training CDs and e-books don’t teach you how to build your business.

In dozens of these CDs and books, people constantly bore us with stories about how they no longer have alarm clocks as masters, and how they take one amazing trip after another.

Sure, motivational speeches and CDs have their place. But really, when a MLM marketer buys training materials or enrolls in a course, the central aim is to learn how to find people to recruit, what to say to these new converts, how to react if prospects don’t return your calls, and what kind of message to leave on their voicemail. Are these not your uppermost concerns as an online marketer?

Mike Dillard, a foremost online marketer believes that those should be your major concerns. He is the author of the highly successful MLM training course: Magnetic Sponsoring, which has been dubbed by some MLM entrepreneurs as the ‘Network Marketing Bible’. It teaches you how to master the skill of Attraction Marketing.

In contrast to most traditional prospecting methods, Attraction Marketing is a new approach to building a thriving network marketing business based on the principle of attracting quality leads.

The internet environment is constantly evolving. Little, almost imperceptible changes take place all the time. These often call for fundamental shifts in how you approach your online business to enable you sponsor people with greater ease and success.

The days of cold-calling leads, knocking on doors, holding meetings, and sweating blood to convince close friends and relatives to examine your opportunity are all old school methods.

For now, the fastest and easiest way to make money in MLM business is simply to position yourself in such a way that only the hottest, most useful prospects will come to you-and you alone, or at least you most of the time.

Attraction Marketing operates on the premise that it is not just your company, your products, your website, or even your compensation plan that generate success in the industry these days. In the final analyses, all the above are just tools to leverage you-your leadership, and your marketing methods.

Your marketing methods must position you as an expert-someone who knows more than most people about a certain topic. This means you’re to position yourself not merely as a sales person, but as someone who can provide solutions to common problems in the industry with some flair.

Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring believes that by knowing just a little bit more than the rest of the pack, you’re instantly in a position of power and value. It’s the secret to generating sizable amount of leads per day without advertizing. People will call you before you call them.

This is the secret weapon of most of today’s richest network marketers. Since its launch some years ago, Magnetic Sponsoring has been equipping both new and ‘veteran’ networkers with that all-important skill in MLM-lead generation.

Imagine people eagerly calling you to find out more about your product! That’s what happens when people see you as an authority in your niche. And that’s how leads are built. From there you’ll get your first new distributor, then another and then another… Many who implement the techniques report a ten-fold increase in their lead generation within a short time.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter what country you live in or what network marketing company you represent. Magnetic Sponsoring has been proven to work in hundreds of different network marketing companies around the world.

Will it work for you? Well, I think the real question should be: are you into MLM or network marketing? If you are, then you’ll surely be interested in what has worked for other marketers.

I personally believe that all the hype about Magnetic Sponsoring would have died down long before now if there’s no substance to it. On the contrary, more and more online marketers, especially those involved in MLM, are finding ways to implement some of the strategies taught in Magnetic Sponsoring.

To Learn more about the Top Producers Marketing strategies visit my blog and website.

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Sandra Essex is a TOP Producing Internet Marketer. She enjoys helping new people learn how to Build Their MLM Business by using the internet. Learning these MLM Marketing Secrets can help you Explode your MLM Business. Visit my Blog for more MLM Lead Generation Tips.
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Pre Launch Mania And Why Its Bad For Business

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Network Marketing is about developing working relationships for the mutual benefit of everyone involved. The key here is that it is about relationships. Somewhere along the way a lot of people in this industry got the idea that it was about chasing dreams from company to company. The fact is that the oldest MLM business is still growing today. So why do so many jump ship to other companies every time the next great deal comes along. The pre-launch is really a knee-jerk reaction to the movement of the masses from market to market.

Companies used to have to develop a product find a market and start to build the business from the ground up. This is expensive, especially if the company fails. Now they don’t even have to produce the product. They simply announce that at some future date they “will be” producing the product. They can then begin marketing the opportunity as if it exists. Once they get some “distributors” onboard they can have THEM market an opportunity that doesn’t even exist.

This reminds me of another market, the Futures market. The Futures market is a way for entities who produce X (i.e. corn, oil, wheat…) to sell to entities who buy X at some future date. It gets strange when a third party comes along called a speculator. A speculator can enter into a Futures contract even though the speculator has no intention of buying or selling X. The speculator can then offload the contract before the date and make a profit or loss based on what the buy/sell price is for that day. The Futures market is a way to share risk with others.

Here is the rub. In the above example everyone involved has to put up some earnest money and takes risk. The rules are clearly defined and above board. The resulting parties now can utilize leverage to control hugh amounts of product X for smaller amounts of money. Fine, I am for it. In the case of the pre-launch however all of the control is in the hands of the company. There have been companies who pre-launch but never launch. Anyone who spent tons of effort, and capital to build teams are left out in the cold. This damages the industry leaving a bad taste in the mouths of many new marketers.

The other problem is it creates a get-in-quick get-rich-quick mentality. A culture of people who think, “That one didn’t work for me so I find the next one and get in early.” What!? Network marketing is about networking and marketing. Networking is about building longterm relationships. Marketing is about providing a steady stream of information and influence to help others find your product, service, or opportunity. Neither one of these has anything to do with finding the next great thing. There is no next right thing. There are just good companies, and competent marketers who provide good service and leadership to their teams.

So what can we do to solve this? The answer is simple. Pick a company you like. Pick a compensation plan and product that suite you. Then start spreading the news. Let everyone you can know how great it is. Market! Market! Market! Once you have people who agree, then help them do the same thing. Growth and profit come from focus, commitment, and diligence. There is no magic company, product, service, or compensation plan that is going to make your dreams happen. YOU will make them happen if you learn how to market, how to build relationships, and how to lead.

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Tim Bransford Yorktown,VA

Online Marketing Expert

I spent years working 80+ hours/week. I was a prisoner. I discovered a system, created by my friend Jay, that allowed me to have the freedom to make money using the Internet from anywhere on the planet. Go to href=””>Lead Edge Life and discover our powerful marketing system for yourself.

XanGo Business – How To Make Your Downline Explode

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Are you struggling, trying to grow your XanGo business? Have you been doing what the company has told you to do – working your “warm market”, talking to all the people you know, trying to make them new buyers and even new distributors, handing out business cards, samples and all that stuff? Well, if that is what you have been doing, it’s time to STOP and start doing things right, because these techniques will not help you grow your XanGo business and they will certainly not make your downline explode. In other words your marketing efforts will probably lead to the typical result in this industry – failure. Actually these techniques only cause failure, and if you don’t want to end up becoming a part of the 97 % high failure rate, you have to stop using them and stop bugging your friends and family – they are not and never will be your prospects! And if you want to make your downline explode, here is what you should be doing:

1. If you are really serious about succeeding with your XanGo business, you have to know that marketing is ALL about knowing your audience. So, you have to target your market, and this way ONLY spend time talking to people who already have an interest in what you are offering. You have to always remember that “everyone” isn’t your prospects and the same goes for your family and friends! You need to find people who already have a need for the benefit of your products.

2. In order to do the above, you have to understand the benefit of your product. The truth is that people don’t buy products, they buy hopes and dreams – they buy solutions. Therefore, you shouldn’t lead with the product and you shouldn’t lead with the opportunity either. You need to not only understand the benefit of the product you also have to LEAD with the benefit of the product!

3. The lifeline to your XanGo business is leads, and therefore you need to get lots of leads – targeted leads. You can buy these leads from list brokers or you can create them yourself online for free – either way, in order to get good quality leads, you have to know your audience and understand the benefit of your product.

4. Be the expert! When people are looking for answers and solutions they go to the expert, and therefore you have to position yourself as the expert! So, how do you do that? You have to create a data capture page (squeeze page), and this is also how you get leads.

What you need to do now is decide whether you REALLY want to succeed with your XanGo business, because you certainly can, but it takes work. You need to be aware of the fact that it will take time and effort, and if you are willing to spend time on your business and work hard, you have to start educating yourself in marketing and learn how to apply the above into your XanGo business. Once you start doing that and forget all about the techniques the company want you to use you will see your downline explode and you will succeed with your XanGo business.

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MLM Training – Finding Quality MLM Lead Sources

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For any business, finding leads, prospects and customers is often the most difficult and most critical element. If you have an MLM business then finding good quality MLM leads is likely your most important task. There are a number of ways to ensure that you can secure a steady supply of quality MLM leads for your business.

There is no single best way to generate leads. The best leads are ones that convert into revenue and profit for your business. Leads that convert well for someone else may not for you. Your best bet is to find some good sources of MLM leads that work well for you and then try to increase your input from those sources. In all cases, your job is simply to keep careful track of your per lead cost and make your decisions based on that.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to acquire MLM leads is to simply purchase them from a lead company. There are many companies that are willing to buy and sell MLM leads to independent business operators. While many of these companies are often accused of selling “bad” leads, the reality is that it is YOUR job to ensure that you are buying leads that are appropriate for your offer and your business. A few of the best companies I’ve dealt with include Cutting Edge Media, Responsive Data and Peak Impact. If you are looking at purchasing leads from any other source, please feel free to contact me as I have tried many others over the years and can provide some guidance as to which one might be a good fit for your business.

A second source of MLM leads is classified newspaper ads. The internet has replaced a lot of the newspaper business but in general, there is so little competition that you can do very well with a good newspaper ad. Depending on your specific business and sales techniques, newspaper ads could even be your best lead source as you might find that the people looking in the newspaper for business opportunities are a good fit for you. Tracking your results is essential as you are often paying based on circulation numbers and not based on clicks or views like online advertising.

A third source of good MLM leads is internet marketing. Generating your own leads online has a number of benefits and these often turn out to be the most efficient and profitable MLM leads your business can acquire. It does take some time to learn the proper techniques and practice but once you gain an understanding of what is required, the sky’s the limit. If you want to learn step-by-step how to get MLM leads online just go to my internet marketing training course.

There are several other sources of good leads that include joint venture partnerships and buying leads from other internet marketers and MLM leaders but I wouldn’t suggest using these unless you have enough knowledge and experience to ensure that you are getting good value for your investment. I have used all of these lead generating techniques to become a top enroller and you can too.

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Joel Broughton is a Full Time Internet Marketer and Home Business Mentor. To learn more about How to Start a Business you can visit his Resource website at: MLM Training

Building Your Business on Auto-Pilot, Chameleon Auto Business Builder

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Fellow marketers, ours is an industry beset by failure. Statistically, over 97% of all those who try network marketing fail. Yet, never have I seen so many willfully and joyfully go to their financial ruin, sure that the system works. Yes, ladies and gentleman we are believers.

Well, no pun intended, I believe that I have found a system that is worth placing that belief in. It is called Chameleon Auto Business Builder. It is not a traditional network marketing company. It is a Marketing company.

It’s been my experience and observation in my years as a network marketer, that typically, regardless of the system, the majority of people’s home businesses fail.

The sad truth is that most people don’t like to call leads, or follow up with them repeatedly in order to close a sale. Public speaking or speaking to others is one of the most common fears. In a traditional company, you have to talk to a lot of people, just to get one person to join your business.

Chameleon Auto Business Builder has designed a system that is unlike any other I have ever seen. The System is designed as a “Hands Off” home business. The System takes care of and runs the business for it’s members.

When a person joins Auto Business Builder, they are given:

1. their own website;

2. a number of leads;

3. a domain name;

4. a personalized google ppc campaign;

5. and a System comprised of professional marketers who contact the leads, follow up with the leads and close the leads.

Each member can choose to run their internet business as they see fit. They can run their online opportunity completely “Hands Off” or they can work their business as hard as they want.

I believe that the system created by Chameleon Auto Business Builder will finally give beginning and intermediate marketers the chance to compete against more experienced marketers. With the typical problem most marketers have recruiting being handled by professional marketers this could lead to higher success rates than we’ve seen in the past.

The System should also appeal to expert marketers because they could leverage the skills of the professional marketers and create an additional stream of income, with little or no effort.

So, there you have it, my take on Chameleon Auto Business Builders. I believe, that the Auto Builder System will give internet marketers a better chance of succeeding. The use of professional marketers to recruit prospects has been a long time coming. This stability could allow online marketers to succeed where they failed in the past.

To find out more go to

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Criminal Defense Attorney turned Renegade Network Marketer. Dedicated to Achieving Personal Financial Freedom and sharing his knowledge with others. “I will not die an unlived life.” Dawna Markova. Life is too short not to do what you want to do.

Sourcing Costco Store Returns Surplus

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Deception is a huge problem for many businesses and in particular Costco returns fraud was rife for a while, so much so that the company decided that they needed to do something about it.

To understand how Costco returns fraud occurred, you need to know a little background information about the process. Many big stores, especially department stores and discounters, have contacts with wholesale liquidation sources to take excess goods and returns off their hands. They end up with excess stock for a variety of reasons, from lack of demand by customers, to overpricing and geographical factors. It’s part and parcel of their business, and something which is counter factored into their pricing strategy.

Returns are a slightly different situation. Costco has a fairly lenient returns policy which means that they will take back unwanted or damaged items even without a receipt and this is where Costco returns fraud can occur.

Overstocks and returns are sold in bulk at greatly reduced prices to wholesale liquidators, the problem is that if the liquidator simply on sells these items, there is nothing to stop the buyer simply going to Costco and returning the item again for a full store credit. It’s a bit of a catch-22 situation, Costco don’t want to change their returns policy, but they also don’t want to fall victim to this Costco returns fraud which can cost them millions.

In actual fact, when your wholesale supplier gets a contract to deal in Costco store returns surplus, they have an obligation to remove all markings from the packaging so that this fraud can’t occur. This is also known as label sanitation.

For you as a buyer, this process can make it difficult for you to ascertain where the liquidated products have come from, as your wholesale supplier will not be allowed to tell you directly that they are Costco store returns surplus items.

Of course, this can create a lot of work for the wholesale supplier, as removing all labels and debadging brand names which are Costco-specific can take much time, but it is part and parcel of why they are able to buy the goods so cheaply in the first place.

For you as a retailer, you can get some great discounted merchandise to on sell if you use this process to source your products. Additionally, even when markings are removed, you can often still identify products as being from Costco, which means that your customers will now that they are buying a good high quality product from a reputable store.

If your wholesale supplier has a contract for Costco store returns surplus and deals in items such as electronics, you may find that there are small markings on the labeling stating that they are salvage items. This doesn’t affect the quality of the product, but simply stops Costco returns fraud from occurring. In this day and age when people are trying to get the best value for money possible, this will be seen as a minor point and will not stop them from making a purchase if they find that they are getting a really great deal.

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Author Bio:
News and Sources for Wholesale Drop Shipping and Online Products Sourcing. Discover Drop Shipper Tips to Wholesale Marketing, and Finding Profitable Merchandise for Resell.

The Internet And Local Small Businesses

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<u>Small business marketing and the internet</u> has come a very long way and it has explicitly become not just a fancy but rather it evolved slowly into a very promising field with its great complexities and prowess. But its benefits and advantages significantly stresses its great importance in business nowadays. Intelligent Marketing Strategies will fill in your unsatisfied gaps within these areas to become the best within your given industry ever possible.

<u>Marketing small business online </u>realizes the importance of search engine optimization, ranking at Google and informative articles and even your very own website plus its maintenance, all these are just some of the few ways on how you can be very competitive in the market today and Intelligent Marketing Strategies will always be more than willing to guide you with all these aspects in every step of the way.

<u>Advertising local business </u> associated with posting blogs that really invoke the interest of opportunity seekers and potential buyers, do email marketing and do it in a blast in the best format and structure ever possible. With Intelligent Marketing Strategies we don’t just help you inform your target market about what your business is all about but we share your vision and commitment.

We just don’t formulate strategies and campaigns for you, we formulate them with you and we envision an enduring partnership and a legacy of triumphs and success for you, your clients, your employees and your community as well. We aim to make you a household name and an inevitable need of the family, other businesses or even industries and all these starts with your desire to evolve and be better each day. And all we hope is that day starts now! Time is a very precious resource and once opportunities pass by and businesses fail to capitalize and use it towards its advantage then it is a great reason why most businesses fail.

Intelligent Marketing Strategies recognizes time as a very valuable ingredient to deliver to the end consumers what they need and want and to satisfy all of these at the most proximate possible time. <u>Small business marketing and the internet </u> is focused on meeting the desired expectations of the end user with respect to time and builds integrity and strong bonds which is a very stronghold in plunging into the web of very keen and highly precise dictates of competition.

<u>Advertising local business </u> require tools leading to survival which necessitates constant evolution and adoption to the demands of the season and trends of competition and demand that is why Intelligent marketing Strategies develops very flexible solutions that can adjust to the sudden change in the complexion of the market.

Intelligent Marketing Strategies offers a total Business Solution that caters to all the needs of your business in almost ever phase of its operation. Updating its features and strongholds to bring you the best results you could ever imagine.

With a great understanding of <u>Small business marketing and the internet </u>, we await your success and a lasting business relationship with us , do yourself a very big favor and visit our link; Intelligent<span style=”text-decoration: underline”> Marketing Strategies</span>.

For your success is our business! And our business is your success.

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Tru Chocolate MLM Business Reviewed

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TRU Chocolate is an MLM business opportunity that offers “guilt free” chocolate at a reasonable price. Basically, you have a very sellable product that will appeal to calorie conscious chocolate lovers. But as with most MLM businesses, you really need to step up to responsibility of running a business in order to see significant results.

The Company

TRU Chocolate comes from the TRU Nutrition Company, which merged with another company called Youngevity Essential Life Sciences. It’s worth mentioning that Youngevity, a 12 year old company based in Chula Vista, CA was founded by Dr. Joel Wallach who is a veterinarian and naturopath (but not a medical doctor). That, by itself, doesn’t raise any red flags, but his claim that all diseases are due to mineral deficiencies does test the limits of my open-mindedness.

Still, Xylitol, the sweetener used in Tru Chocolate, does check out as a safe low-calorie alternative to sugar, which makes it a good choice for diabetic chocolate lovers.

The Compensation Plan

To become a TRU Chocolate Associate, you pay a one-time membership fee of $10 in addition to buying a minimum of 6 bags of product. For Associates, the wholesale price is $21 per bag which means a $9 profit per bag since it retails at $30. Each bag has 15 individually wrapped pieces of chocolate.

Tru Chocolate uses a uni-level pay plan, where each Associate personally sponsor 3 or more people and then help them sponsor another 3 or more people and so on down the line. For each new distributor, an Associate receives a Quick Start Bonus and become eligible to receive commission pay as long as they stay on a monthly auto-ship program and meet certain qualifications.

The Verdict

Since you need to stay qualified at a specific rank to earn commissions, you have to keep your sales volume up. This can sometimes lead to situations where you end up buying more of the product just to keep your qualification to receive commissions. As long as you stay on top of your inventory, work hard, and manage your business well, you shouldn’t have that many problems with this MLM.

In any case, you’ll also need to pick up some serious marketing skills. As you tap more and more people from your “warm market” of friends and family, you’ll find that demand for the product in your immediate circle suddenly drops. You’ll need to expand markets not only to sell products, but to gain more prospective recruits to your business opportunity. There are specific skills you’ll need to master if you want to take any MLM business beyond the confines of your immediate neighborhood. Learn these skills and you might just find other windows of opportunity waiting for you.

Tru Chocolate is a network marketing business and like many network marketing companies, Tru Chocolate advocates the use of friends and family members to grow your organization. Handing out free product samples, doing 3-way calls with the upline, handing out flyers and going to home meetings – these are all very common parts of warm marketing, and for the most part people simply don’t like to do that stuff. Instead, you could use target marketing strategies and methods to grow a much larger organization much faster, without all the hassles of warm marketing. A smart place to start would no doubt be the Internet, which is the largest marketplace on the planet.

About the Author

Brian and Krysti Horwitz are professional Internet Marketers that coach hungry entrepreneurs how to use free and paid advertising online to seriously profit in business. They are the authors and creators of BulletProof Marketing, a “must-have” lead generation training tool for any network marketer, home business owner or entrepreneur. Gain access to their Free training right here: BulletProof Marketing

3 Useful Tips On Choosing Your Home Business

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Do not make the same mistakes of other home-based marketers who are started out to be self-employed. Here is the 3 useful tips on choosing your home business:-

Useful Tip No.1– Are they legitimate?

Does the business owner ask you for a high upfront payment even before you are registered as a member? If so, probably it is like the “get-rich-quick” scheme whereby a member will get another member and there is no need to do any selling on their part.

Most scheme are the “fly-by-night” type where you see them today and tomorrow you do not see them anymore. After paying your subscription fees, they are no more to be seen.

Some are genuine business owners but they do not have the experienced representatives to explain the business opportunity to you clearly and most of them are also groping in the dark like you.

Some business plans are very complicated in terms of recruiting and members’ hierarchy rankings and commission payouts and it requires face-to-face explanation for its details workout.

Useful Tip No.2-Are there any continuous training and updates?

You should get a complete starter kit to begin with concerning the business when you join. It will be a detailed instructions manual on recruiting and a manual on the products you will be promoting. In it there will be all your promotional items like flyers, coupons, stickers and of course all your necessary stationery for your administration purposes, like purchasing of product stocks and sales.

It is important your up-line is here to train you and offer you assistance in your business opportunity. Join a program where you can see that the business owner has its own training program drawn up and its members are very active in it. You can see that they are active or not from the frequency of the letters and emails you received from the company.

Useful Tip No.3-Does the business has an online presence?

Most MLM home business has its own websites. Using the internet is the only way to expand your network and business.With the internet, it can save you a lot of time as all your sourcing for recruits and selling can be automated with an auto-responder to help you in your email marketing campaign.

Besides having an online presence of your company, do check out its reputation in the market and whether its product are of good quality and is well-known. If the product are selling well and there is a demand for it, much time and effort is save to promote the products. With that you just have to concentrate on recruiting for new members to your network.

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3 Useful Tips On Choosing Your Home Business. The author Alfred Loo is the owner of In will serve as a compendium for general lead generation strategies, both Online and Offline! Any networker should know this by now… leads are your life line. Don’t be shooting in the dark anymore. Join the program to get those traffic… &