Two Great Effective Ways To Handle Common MLM Objections!

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This is probably one of the things that holds people back from talking with people about their business opportunity. Here are a few ways to handle common MLM objections.

An example of a common MLM objection would be when a prospect thinks that the price of your starting package is too expensive. Most starter packages that I have seen are under $500 but there are some that are more. When someone tells me that to start a business with my company is too expensive at $150 to $300 it tells me something else. They are not interested enough to join your business. When I was interested in joining my business a few years ago, I was not earning a lot of money at the time. But I saw a great opportunity and I knew that it is something I wanted to try! So I came up with the money.

When someone tells me that our business opportunity is too expensive, this is how I handle it. I say,”Okay,I think I hear what you are saying. It sounds to me like the value isn’t there for you yet , am I right?” Let them answer you. If they agree, you can say to them, “then you are right, if it is not there for you right now, you are not ready to start your own MLM business. This might not be right for you.” Then continue, “Because when you compare $150 to buying a $200,000 franchise or spending a lot on overhead every month for rent, materials, marketing, etc… it is really not a lot of money to start a business” I tell them, “if you end up deciding that you really want to earn a great income, with our training, products and compensation plan, please contact me again.”

On the other hand, if they disagree and think the value is there, you can say, ” You are absolutely correct. This is really a great opportunity for you to earn a great income. Sounds like you are ready to get started.” See what they say. If they make another excuse, then you know they are not ready. You only want to enroll people into your business who are ready. You will build a stronger team of business builders and you won’t waste time with those who don’t want it badly enough.

A second common MLM objection that used to leave me not knowing what to say is when someone says that our business sounds like one of those pyramid schemes. You know that it is not a pyramid scheme because you are earning money with your business and you know it is a reputable company with great products and a good compensation system. So how do you handle this one? First say, “I can completely understand where you are coming and you are right to have that concern” Then say,” But let me answer you by saying that I did my due diligence on this company before I started. This company’s compensation program is based on the sales volume of the company. If it were a pyramid scheme, the compensation system would be based on how many reps you bring into the business and would not be based on the sales volume. The FTC would never allow such a successful company to run a pyramid scheme. Have I answered some of your concerns?” If they say yes, you say, “Great! It sounds like you are ready to get started.” See what they say.

If they continue to have the concern, tell them that they should do the research you did and if they are interested to get back in touch with you. Again, you want someone who is ready to put the time and effort into the business because you are spending your valuable time with them. If they still believe that a successful company like yours is a scheme, more often than not, they are not ready to join your company. Do not waste your valuable time trying to convince them otherwise.

You need to get past the objection to the real bottom line reason they are hesitating to join your business. By asking them questions to really understand them correctly and projecting your strong belief in your business to them, you will find the business builders who are ready to commit, put the effort in and really add to your organization!

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Network Marketing – Why People Fail in Network Marketing and What We Can Do About It

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Statistics show that as many as 97% of new network marketers fail in the first year of start up. This is an alarming number! If so many fail, how can we recruit more people into our business? Why is the failure rate so high? Is there something we can do to help floundering marketers?

Many of the top leaders in successful networking companies claim that new distributors don’t utilize their up-line’s knowledge and expertise, nor seek their guidance. Another mistake new recruits make is failing to ask their leaders to do 3-way calls with them, until they gain confidence and experience. I can personally attest with this, as I have failed to do these things in the past and it got me no where quick. Most leaders want to help their new distributors, as this helps them continue making money.

Something you don’t hear much about, though, is how new network marketers usually think the whole world is their target market. “Everyone should love my product or service! It’s the best in the world!” In the entrepreneur world, it just doesn’t work that way. The narrower your target market and the more specialized your product or service, the more genuine interest you will atract from prospective customers. If a network marketer would find as many as a dozen smaller “niches” or specific target markets, he would be able to reach many more people. The broad road may be easier, but it won’t get you where you want to go.

The exclusive use of the company website can also lead to failure. Prospects come to the opt-in page and click right out of it. Prospects need to be wooed first…given some free information specifically for them that would lead them to trust you. A networker can do this by having a website geared toward their particular interest, such as good nutrition or weight loss or making an extra $10,000 per month. Get your prospect excited about what they are interested in first, and then send them to your company website. They will be many times more likely to opt-in and learn about how your product or service can fill their need.

We do hear a lot about the importance of duplication. My marketing techniques must be duplicatable for my downline. If my new marketer can’t easily duplicate my system(s), he will be frustrated and discouraged, and quit.

Most importantly, a network marketer needs to be consistently educating himself – from masters of the past, such as Dale Carnegie, and from up and coming leaders of the future, like Nadira Haniff. Entrepreneurs must keep up with the evolution of the marketplace rather than burying themselves in the past, which is exactly what we’re learning at 180 Days to Greatness. Getting your new marketer on board with this exciting group will bring success to you and to your team. If we do this, if we utilize many different ways of marketing, if we teach our new business partners to do the same, I am sure we will see an upward swing in the success rate of new networkers.

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Wendy Johnston of Freedom Marketing Group believes everyone should have a chance to find the personal freedom they desire. Her goal is to help others find this freedom, live in it and help others do the same.

Why Marketing Training?

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If I were a doctor, would I really need to go to medical school?
If I were a lawyer, would I really need to go to law school?
What if I said I wanted to learn as I went, instead of going to medical school… Would that be acceptable? Of course not! That is absolutely ridiculous! Then, why do most network marketers approach their business that way? Many network marketers are told to focus on their products instead of how to market their business. The truth is, you can have the most amazing and health-giving products, but if you do not know how to get leads for your business, then honestly, you have nothing. If you do not know how to drive traffic to your website or blog, then how are you going to make any money?

So, marketing training is integral if you want to build a stable, consistent business online or offline. People enjoy and want to partner in business with people they know, like, respect, and trust. So, it’s important for you to become a person with these qualities. A good marketing system will teach you how to develop these qualities. A good marketing system will teach you how to position yourself as a leader in order to gain respect, which is actually an attraction marketing principle. If you do not know what attraction marketing is you can go to the Limited Budget page on my blog and receive the training that you need.

You will also need to learn how to be believable and trustworthy. This can happen when you focus on adding value to people and becoming genuinely interested in others success. As you become more visible online, people will get to know you and if you are giving value, they will start to like you. Each of these qualities or pieces work together, which will help to create a brand of yourself, which I spoke upon extensively in my last post, Branding is Everything!

The internet and modern technology is changing all the time. Without the proper training, you could be left behind. Just as a teacher is required to take continuing education classes throughout their career, it is important for you to be apart of a marketing training system that will teach the newest and most cutting edge ways to market your business. A good training system will also help you build an online presence by not only offering incredible training, but also a good training system will include preloaded capture pages with opt-in boxes, an ability to track and communicate with new leads, preloaded emails, a helpful customer service team, and mentors that are ready and willing to point you in the right direction.

In my opinion, the best thing about having an online marketing system is that, you may be in business for yourself, but you do not have to be in business alone. With this kind of system in place, you will have access to an online community that like yourself, are investing in their education so that they can also be the best internet network marketers possible.

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If you would like to learn about an amazing online marketing training system, click on the link below now!
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Victoria Matea lives with her husband in Canton, Ohio. They are internet marketers and specialize in helping people market their businesses on the internet.

Carbon Copy Pro Review – What Makes One Marketing System Better Than The Other?

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With the many marketing systems already accessible on the web, the task of finding the one that best satisfies your needs is nearly impossible to achieve. Specially since there are a number of them that are marketed so extensively and have countless reviews of all kinds, that you simply don’t know what to think. Carbon Copy Pro is just one of them.

Carbon Copy Pro was created by Jay Kubassek in collaboration with Aaron Parkinson, to promote the Wealth Masters International business. It was patterned following the Reverse Funnel System, which was chosen to market the Global Resort Network opportunity. It is a funded proposal sort of system, which primarily signifies that it promotes the system, but right after that, clients pay a program charge to learn all of the facts.

The system boasts to complete all the work, apparently by means of their lead generation system along with their call center, which gets in touch with the prospects and closes the sales. It promises, this way, that their affiliates do not have to advertise or even call their leads! Let me be suspicious about programs that guarantee you 6-figure earnings and claim there’s no need for you to do any work.

Funded proposal systems such as Carbon Copy Pro usually have a short effectiveness period, as persons who reach the application charge phase usually tend to try and discover the details from different places on the world wide web, without looking at the company presentation on the site.

This verifies with Carbon Copy Pro, that was launched around mid-October 2007. As shown by web information companies (, its marketing web pages displayed a fine growth pattern in terms of visitors during the very first trimester of 2008, after which they took a major drop, fluctuating just after mid-year just to drop again even more around the end of the year and in no way get back the site visitors they had at the beginning of 2008.

Many successful network marketers joined their efforts to be able to sustain the Carbon Copy Pro team. They aimed to create a sustainable advertising model which any online advertiser could replicate, with a three-stage method to generate a flow of income: an application pack, a business-in-a-box, and the third, the WMI wealth creation solution. However, an orientation which would certainly have captured the attention of far more people would have been to generate a marketing system that’s independent of a third-party product.

Carbon Copy Pro’s direct selling business plan provides commissions to the organization builders on the product sales they come up with, and even on the sales belonging to the individuals that they sign up within the program. The funded proposal model will get you through its series of steps just before you join, but the application price for the application kit has its role too – permitting you, once you are in the business and marketing the business, to produce income from the sale of this application kit.

The start-up costs vary with the four distinct methods to join, and they vary from the basic Business-in-a-box cost of $395 to the M3 start-up option that totals around $20,000. Keep in mind that the Wealth Masters International wealth creation products are a part of the business here.

This ought to be good enough to help you make your choice as to whether or not to test out this system. However, you should be considering more than one system, and check out the systems that do not have third-party strings attached. To be able to find out which would better suit your purposes, it would be a good idea to locate an experienced internet marketer who is willing to show you how to examine and select. He would also be able to teach you the online marketing strategies you need to have as an important part of the pack, in order to make your business or businesses definitely work online.

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Kenny Gregg is willing to share his experience on <u>MLM Systems</u> with all of his students and prospective students. You’d surely also want to check his well-documented reviews, such as the <u>Carbon Copy Pro Review</u>.

Attraction Marketing Works!

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Are you exhausted from trying to implement all the traditional network marketing techniques? You know the 3 foot rule, leaving business cards in stores and on cars, bothering everyone you know with random business introductions in every conversation, and holding home presentations.
I know that when I first joined my first network marketing company, I was told to use these same strategies. I had dreams of being one of the top producers in my MLM company. I heard speeches that would pump me up and I was excited about the possibilities. So, I listened to my upline and all the online trainings, but I noticed I was beginning to become disheartened because I wasn’t making any money. I was trying to do what I was being shown by my upline. I was told to make a list of 100 people that I knew and basically call every one of them to ask and see if they would be interested in joining my business, but when I began implementing these strategies I was only faced with questions I wasn’t able to answer, long uninterested pauses, and faced with nothing but rejection.
I knew that there was a way to make money in network-marketing,but I didn’t exactly know how. I had heard of people making ridiculous amounts of income with their business, but I didn’t know where to start.
I was always talking about my business opportunity, but had very little leads or money to show for it. All of the trainings from my upline basically told me to continue in the traditional ways such as sharing with everyone I knew because we are taught that the products basically sell themselves, lead more presentations, and do more cold calls.
This only led me to more rejection. I didn’t know how to market my business or position myself as a leader. I was desperate to know how the top earners in my industry were making money.
I was running out of faith and strength. Then, I learned about attraction marketing and how prospects can actually start chasing you rather than the other way around.

Watch this video series by Mike Dillard. It’s called 7 Day Free Video Boot Camp.
In this video series, Mike actually explains how attraction marketing is accomplished.
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Victoria Matea

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My name is Victoria and my husband’s name is Daniel. We are Internet Network Marketers and Coaches. We teach people how to be successful in their home businesses.
Before my husband, Daniel and I became serious about Internet Network Marketing and Coaching, I was a Humanitarian Aid Worker and teacher. I worked on projects with USAID and Samaritan’s Purse. I have traveled to more than 25 different countries and lived in 4. Before MLM, Daniel was an actor and script writer. He was also involved in starting a production company in New York.

Presently, we reside in Canton, Ohio. I have three step children, all boys, and we are expecting a fourth boy in March 2011!

Jewel Kade Stylist Or Jewel Kade Business Owner?

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Jewel Kade is a nearly new company that has had some success already thanks to Janet Kinkade and her highly sought after charmware and jewel Kade chains. As a Jewel Kade stylist what does it take to make this business a business? What are all the stylists missing?

First Some Company Info

Jewel Kade launched in 2008 and the company manufactures jewellery, charmware, pewter frames, hand-cut glass, high-caliber embellishments and intriguing and eye catching artwork.

Janet Kinkade is the founder of this company and she has surrounded herself with a team of high professionals and industry experts and is an authority on alternative fashion herself.

Jewel Kade products are sold through Jewel Kade stylists and these stylists are encouraged to hold parties at home with the aim to retail the products to people that attend the party or direct party attendees to a replicated website so a purchase can be made there.

Earning Money

If you’re a Jewel Kade stylist then you’re encouraged to hold parties for people who like to go to parties and talk about jewellery.

You keep 30% of all products sold at your party. Simply process your order and Jewel Kade will do the rest.

When you join Jewel Kade you’re also provided with stylist kit options. Jewel Kade stylist kits provide you with a various business building tools such as the JK Stylist office, JK Catalog and more. There is no inventory to hold but I think it’s a good idea to hold some stock as samples. Whether you want to take it slow or adopt a more relaxed pace Jewel Kade has the right stylist kit for you.

Something for you to think about

You won’t hear me say anything bad about Jewel Kade it is a legitimate business, no doubt. But there are a few things I don’t agree with when it comes to business building.

You see if a business is based on having parties at your house then you’re in big trouble. I personally don’t think it is a bad idea if you simply want to make some extra money but to be a business owner you will have to take slightly different approach.

The Truth is people will eventually be turned off when they realize that the primary goal of your house parties is to sell Jewel Kade products. People hate to be SOLD
Making the Transition

Sure you’ll join up as a Jewel Kade stylist but if you want anything resembling a true home based business that will allow you to quit your day job then you need to take a different approach.

Jewel Kade has the potential to accelerate your income but that potential will lay dormant until you awaken it with TRUE MARKETING. Marketing is the difference, when you market properly and position yourself as a leader you will get people not only wanting to join you in your party, you will get people wanting to join you in business.

In short you will have to learn how to become an internet marketer who knows how to leverage the internet to attract an abundance of leads to You. People naturally tend to flock to leaders to show them the way.

If you can learn some essential skill sets, become confident as a leader and give value to your followers then you will have you just rewards but never before.

It’s time to make the transition from Jewel Kade Stylist to Jewel Kade Business Owner. You are a leader and your followers await.

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My name is Anam Uddin and I’d just like to say the first step in Business online is to focus on attracting leads to you and not your business. If you can learn how to attract an endless amount of leads to you on a daily basis you WILL be successful in any Business. Sign up for FREE Training on Marketing and lead generation at:

MLM Training – 3 Basic Tips That Will Help You Generate Leads Using Attraction Marketing

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If you’ve been marketing online for any period of time, you’ve probably come across the term Attraction Marketing. You may already be applying Attraction Marketing, in one form or another. In this simple article, I’ll give you 3 basic tips you can use right out of the gate, that will help you attract prospects like a magnet.

Before I go into some tips for you, it’s important that I spend a few seconds explaining what Attraction Marketing is, just in case you’ve never heard of it. While this is obviously a very basic explanation of it, Attraction Marketing is basically the idea that you can attract people, or prospects, to you instead of chasing people. Now, you’re probably wondering if this can really be done. The answer is YES, it can be done, and some of the top online marketers are generating 100+ leads a day for their business without chasing or begging people to look at their business.

It’s also important to note that Attraction Marketing can not be done if you’re pitching your business opportunity on the front-end. Shoving your business down people’s throats, especially if they didn’t ask for information, is a guaranteed way to repel people, not attract them. You’ll actually share your opportunity on the back-end, after a relationship is established and you’ve provided value. If you’re wondering why this works or how this works, I’ll expand on it a little later. For now, let me go into 3 basic tips you can use in your marketing to use Attraction Marketing to generate leads.

First, you need to make sure you’re providing value to the market place. Give of your knowledge freely, so you can directly, or indirectly, help other marketers. The more value you give away, the more attractive you will be. Also, the more value you provide, the more you will brand yourself as an expert. This goes against what most people are taught. Most people do everything in their power to keep their knowledge to themselves. They’re afraid that if they give away what they know, that they will decrease their value in the market place. It doesn’t work that way. Fortunately for you, you can position yourself significantly ahead of your competition if you’re constantly providing value and training to the market place.

Second, allow your personality to come through. The beauty of Attraction Marketing is that you are looking to attract people who can relate to you. Well, the best way to do that is to be yourself. How can you possibly attract people when you’re not being yourself? Believe me, no matter what your personality type is, there are good quality people that will relate to you and want to connect with you.

Third, make sure you tell your story. The one thing that you know for sure that is 100% unique about you is your story. Again, by telling you story, you will find people who will relate to you and, in most cases, they’ll reach out and connect with you. Now, you might be thinking, “Who will want to hear my story? I’ve failed over and over again in this industry…” Well, how many tens of thousands of people do you think have failed a couple of times in this industry? All those people will instantly feel a connection with you and potentially will reach out to you.

Understand, that this is a basic article on Attraction Marketing. But even if you have a basic understanding of Attraction Marketing, you will still stand out from all the people who are pitching and spamming everyone online. Once you’ve applied these concepts to your marketing, you will start to generate leads like a magnet.

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GDI Business Building Ninja-Strategies

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If you are a consultant in GDI, Global Domains International, there are a few simple strategies that you need to be implementing in your business. Honestly, the people who are the top leaders in the GDI business are all incredibly skilled at these simple techniques, and your bank account will see a drastic increase if you master these key points.

First, you absolutely need to build a lead capture page. It is absolutely not enough to simply send traffic to your business opportunity website, no matter how exciting you might think the opportunity videos are. Statistically, only 0.5% of people who will visit your opportunity website will buy on the spot. Even worse, you only earn $1 per month on every person who joins your business, so you will definitely be on a fast track to failure if you expect to build an income without capturing the name and email address of people who visit your website.

Believe it or not, GDI business opportunity videos are rather complicated. The pay plan, although it may make perfect sense to experienced internet network marketers like you and I, may be cryptic and unfamiliar to your prospects. So as you follow up with your prospects via email, you need to explain the pay plan in simple terms. Honestly, though, talking about pay plans is boring, so jazz it up a bit by saying, ‘Last week I went to a U2 concert and when I got home, I saw that my $50 ticket was already paid for, because 50 new people turned up in my downline. You see, every new person in your downline earns you $1 per month.’ Really, all you have to do is make things exciting and interesting.

Last, when following up with people who are interested in your GDI business, you should emphasize the advantage of the product. GDI has a rather boring product, so, again, make it interesting, and people will get excited.

I am entirely confident that you will be able to earn a significant income building your GDI business, especially if you follow the exact business building blueprint that I’ll share with you if you simply click the link below.

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Free 7 part course reveals how I went from being fired from McDonalds to building a successful home business using just 3 simple strategies.

How to Create an Interesting Capture Page For Your MLM Website

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Lots of MLM advertising campaigns fail because they don’t have a a system of capturing the contact information of leads and follow up with them automatically. The result is that most traditional networkers receive very small response from ad respondents, and the follow up process becomes so tedious, manual, and boring.

The solution to getting more leads and increasing your sign up rate without additional effort on your part is to create a lead capture page. A lead capture page, also known as an opt in page, is a simple page on your website that has one purpose: To capture the contact information of website visitors.

For example, you are in an MLM company that markets weight loss products. If you have your own website as a channel of promotion, a good way to promote your MLM business is to create a lead capture page that offers free information about weight loss. In that lead capture page, you offer to give a free book or newsletter to your website visitors. Those who want to get the free stuff will have to leave their name and email address through a simple web form. The only way to do this is to give something of real value, something that will be useful to your target market. Give unselfishly and generously.

Once people “opt in” or subscribe to your lead capture page, they instantly get the free stuff that you promised them. You will also be able to follow up with them via email by using an autoresponder. The autoresponder will send them emails automatically over a period of time, using an email sequence that you have already prewritten beforehand. If you also got their phone number through the lead capture form, you also have the option of calling your leads and follow up with them through the phone. All in all, the goal of the follow up process is to give them more useful content and show them more information. You do this until they either purchase a product, join your business opportunity, or until they “opt out” or unsubscribe from your list.

This simple process described above has truly helped me build a huge downline online, increase my sales, and gather lots of interested leads on a daily basis. When you master how to do this, you won’t have trouble generating profits for your MLM business again. When you visit my site, I’ll show you a more detailed and step by step way on how to do this, so you too, can generate tons of revenue from your business.

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Fierce Home Business Schemes For the Modern Era

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In 21st century network marketing is very important you’re tempting people based totally on your leadership and the price that you can provide to their lives. To be successful in your social marketing advertising, you are going to have to tap into the hopes dreams wishes and fears of your prospects.

Demonstrating Attraction in Network Marketing Advertising.

it must be understood that in the new age of marketing, and the new age in general, folks have protections that keep them not exposed to business ventures. Things like malware blockers, pop up blockers, and ad-ware blockers show that never before have folks have folk been so paranoid. If you keep this in mind, you’ll see why just throwing your business venture out there is not the simplest way to go.

if you want to tap right into the hundreds and hundreds of millions of network marketers, and people out there that are looking for your opportunity, you have got to think a little bit deeper. For example, if you are in a store and you saw an individual who is searching for a spade, what do they want? The answer is that they are not searching for a spade, they are looking to dig a hole. You have got to have the same mind state within your network marketing advertising, because you have to know why is it that somebody would need your opportunity.

tempting Your Audience

There are a large amount of ways that you can charm your audience and 2 of the ways that were going to talk about it here is videos and ears! You are exactly right, I just said EARS! First, a little abbut about video; it works! Folks like to see things moving around on the screen and it keeps their interest. In your videos, that you can upload to YouTube, ensure that you tell your audience precisely what you’re going to deliver within the first 9 seconds. Keep it fascinating and keep it applicable, and you’ll be fine.

the reason why declared ears it is one of the finest strategies for enthralling your audience, is that you’ve got to use your ears to listen to what your prospects need. The plain fact is– you have two ears and only one mouth. So what is it that you should be doing more of? The answer’s this : listening! That way, you will know what will interest your prospects. If you listen to what the market is saying, and listen to what the conversation is, and learn how to deliver your opportunity right to the hearts of those people that need it everyone wins.

Deliver an automated System

One of the strongest sides of your internet marketing, advertising will be your capability to proof to your prospects that is straightforward to achieve success. The simplest way to achieve success in the new age of network marketing, and Multi-Level Marketing advertising is simplicity. With all of the technology that is out there it’s really important that you make folks believe that they can do it tooand they can! Having a powerful internet marketing system will completely distance you from over 95% of all social promoters in the world.

There are three major reasons explaining why social marketing systems will help you in your network marketing, advertising. The first reason is that it keeps you at the cutting edge of all of the methods that are working today. The second reason is that gives you a community that you can seek for support. The third reason is that it’ll help to coach your downline immediately and keep everyone up-to-date. There are many reasons explaining why an internet promotion system absolutely critical and people who decide to do something today will reap the advantages tomorrow.

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