Katie Freiling’s Unified Tribe Review: Is It Worth Paying For Every Month?

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This Unified Tribe review will explore what is the Unified Tribe, what it will do for your business, and if it is worth $67 every month.

A Unified Tribe review has to include a little bit about Katie Freiling, and what she has done for the network marketing industry.

Katie Freiling is a young network marketer who has built a huge presence on the internet via social media and her blog. Simply put, she excels at creating “buzz” for herself and what she offers.

Usually, her topics center around social media marketing and also self-improvement. She coaches others to improve themselves and believe in who they are, and use that excitement to form a following of loyal marketers who believe in what they do.

Based on her love of creating “buzz” and using social proof to build your business, she has created a community called the Unified Tribe.

Basically, the Unified Tribe is a place for marketers to share others’ content, and to have their own content shared. The premise is that you must share 5 other pieces of content before you are allowed to submit any of your own content to be shared by others.

This 5:1 ratio creates a huge incentive for hundreds of other marketers to share your content with their followers. It allows for viral exposure of your content on the internet and to be seen by many times more people that who otherwise would have.

Now, I’m actually a member, so I hope you take my Unified Tribe review to be very accurate. I’ve been a consistent user for about 5 months now, and the results have been outstanding.

My blog visitors immediately doubled overnight. In the past 5 months, they’ve quadrupled! You can’t complain with those results, so I must give a ringing endorsement to Katie Freiling’s amazing new tool.

Now, it does cost $67 a month, which is a lot for some budding online network marketers. However, if you are dedicated to creating content, and sharing it consistently, it will be worth every penny you spend.

Hope this Unified Tribe review has opened your eyes and let you in on another great tool to expand your online business

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MLM Success Tip: How To Increase Your MLM Blog Exposure With Technorati

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Have you created your Network Marketing blog yet?

Blogging, just like a website, gives you a worldwide reach. Besides, creating and maintaining a blog is far easier, faster and cheaper compared with managing a website.

If you are building an MLM business online, or any online business for that matter, you definitely and positively ought to possess your own blog. Even if you are just launching your online MLM ventures, you ought to gain knowledge of how to setup your own blog as soon as you can. There are great free resources on the internet that will teach you all about blogging. The last thing you need to do is pay for that sort of information as it is to be had for free and with a tad of research you ought to be able to find all the information you require on the subject.

MLM victory is achieved by leaders and all the MLM leaders have their own MLM blogs. That’s because a blog establishes you as an expert in your discipline, an authority if you wish.

The goal is to have your Network Marketing blog as a main hub. All your marketing campaigns ought to direct traffic to your blog.

As soon as your Network Marketing blog is in place, one of the first things you ought to do is register it with Technorati. Technorati is an internet search engine for blogs and has millions of blogs indexed in their database. You need them to index your Network Marketing blog because that will build up your blog’s exposure.

Here are the steps to follow to put your MLM blog on the technorati site:

First, open an account with Technorati, if you haven’t registered with them before. The registration with Technorati is entirely free of charge..

This step is very easy, just proceed to their site and click the “Join” link at the top right of the page. Fill out the form with your information and click the join button. They will then send you an email with a link you need to click to confirm your account. This completes your registration with Technorati.

The next step is to revise your settings, your bio, and uploading your photo. Don’t skip this step like most people. It is important that you let the world know who you are. You’re building an MLM business remember?

Finally, there’s an option that will let you “claim your blog” to verify that it is really yours. This step is a bit more involved as you have to get a code from technorati and then include that code into a post on your blog so they can send their spiders and check that the code is in fact present someplace on your MLM blog.

There you have it. You MLM blog is now known by the biggest blog search engine on the internet.

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To learn more about increasing your
MLM Blog popularity check out the video with step by step instructions on how to setup your MLM Blog with Technorati.

The Peoples Program – Get The Full Peoples Program Review

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Finally, the real facts and information is coming forth so people can get the real truth about (TPP) the peoples program.

The Peoples Program also known as TPP is a program that involves the concept of cash gifting where one individual would gift another individual a sum of cash freely without expecting anything in return to be invited into the program.

To get involved with the program is by invitation only and TPP is not operated or ran by a company or business and should not be considered as a company or business. The peoples program is a private gifting club of indivduals gifting other individuals to help change each others finanacial situation and lives.

TPP provides it’s members with outstanding marketing training and support to help it’s members to go out and promote the program by using the knowledge from the internet marketing training and support to invite new members into the program.

The Peoples Program has 10 gifting levels starting at 150 and all the way up to 10,000 that can meet anyone’s budget depending on what level they want to start at. The program offers a one time 50 dollar admin fee that covers hosting fees, website, and prospect managment system.

There is no qualifing in the program meaning that people can start and even in the same day receive cash gifts without have to pass anything up to their inviter like in other gifting programs that are based around the 1 up structure.

The peoples program is a residual based program and works by the members working as a team with their inviter and when members bring in new team members the gift structure works by the new team member gifting their inviter 80% of their gift and the other 20% would go to the inviter’s inviter.

TPP has gained a lot of popularity and rose to the top achieving the number one ranking for becoming the best rated cash gifting program and gets the most traffic out of any other gifting program on the internet today. Part of the reason for this has to do with the 100% cash credit system built into the program.

This cash credit system allows it’s members to be upgraded in the system without having to spend anymore money out of their pocket when they bring in new team members at a higher level then what they came in at.

If you would like to get more information on the peoples program then read the rest of the information in the resource box below now.

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What Are The Guru’s Real Secret Marketing Strategies?

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Just the other day I was reading yet another blog entry that was claiming to teach ‘the hidden secrets’ of marketing online. I was extremely skeptical of that blog entry. After all, if there’s any secrets, I should know them, right?

Yet again, it was a promotion towards yet another empty ebook that explains basic concepts like ‘you’ve got to have a dream, and you’ve got to sell products.’ What people need is real MEAT when it comes to marketing online. So what I wanted to cover in this article is the ACTUAL principles that drive visitors to your website. If you understand these foundational concepts, you’ll never need another marketing ebook again.

1. The first principle to be aware of when marketing your websites online is that it is absolutely necessary to have original, valuable content on your website, free of charge. If your website looks the same as all of the other canned sales websites out there, no one will want to touch it. If, however, you offer compelling, valuable content, people will WANT to come back for more every time they leave your site.

2. The second principle I want you to understand is that what determines how a site ranks in Google is not how valuable it is, it’s how many other sites link to it and how important those sites are. This is called ‘link popularity.’ So if you’ve got a whole lot more popular sites linking to you, your site is going to be seen far more often. The fastest way of building link popularity is using a combination strategy of article marketing, social bookmarking, and video promotion. The reason for that is because all three of those outlets rank extremely well in the search engines by themselves.

3. The third principle of marketing online is making your page focus around a central theme. Don’t expect one page to rank for everything. Work to rank one page around a few central keyword phrases, and then create niche pages within your website that you promote. For example, my current main domain ranks in Google for over 100 niche phrases within the first five results, but those rankings don’t all come from my front page. It’s the articles in my article directory that I promote individually for EACH niche.

That’s it my friends. If you keep those principles in mind, all you have to do is create MORE on topic content than your competitors and promote it properly! Your mission online should be to get more niche traffic than any of your competitors, and to dominate every niche your in. If you understand the principles that drive rankings, you’ll get there ten times faster than if you don’t. Ranking is simple. You simply get more relavent, quality information linking to niche pages within your site than anyone else, and you dominate. It’s that easy my friends. I’ll see you at the top.

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David Wood is an expert at generating hoards of targeted internet traffic to any website he chooses. In fact, recently he has put together his favorite top secret strategy, (something that you’ve probably never heard of) and he’s just giving it away on his website, free. Visit this site now: Real Marketing Secrets

Things you Must Consider Before Joining MLM Network Marketing

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If you are Considering an MLM home based network marketing business, it could be a great lucrative home-based selling alternative for you. To start with a company at home, you must know precisely whether you are getting into an MLM home based business perfectly or you are going to do something else. It might be a swindle waiting to swoop on you. Plus, you need to figure out the positive aspects and negatives as well of this business system before you make a decision that if it is the right business system that will suit you. You have to make sure that you are actually going to be involved in a genuine MLM business. This is important to protect yourself from some difficulties later on. An MLM business engrosses direct selling of products and services through the suggestions or approvals of independently working representatives. If you want to be one of them, you can also receive a commission on any sales that came from your advertisements.

You have to understand that most of the products sold through an MLM network marketing business, are not inevitably advertised through the mainstream media or in the stores around. The perplexing part of determination is, if your MLM home based business is authentic, that can be quite complicated because of there is a huge number of pyramid methods out there that are treacherously similar to a legitimate MLM networking business concept. Remember, a pyramid plan is always unlawful, and getting implicated in one can root you more trouble than you can even possibly envisage. You will need to do your investigate into the MLM business that you are taking into account; so that you become sure that the sort of MLM network marketing business you are going to run is legally valid.

Before you join in with any of the network marketers online, you have to find out the real truth about him and the business he is associated with. This will help you to stay away from different problems both legal and commercial. If you don’t have a clear idea about what’s going on, you might be in deep trouble in a few more days. Moreover, if your scheme is wrong, possibly you will never be succeeded with your venture in this tough market. That’s why researching has become exclusively important for the newbie network marketers looking for an establishment in the MLM business sector.

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How To Build Your Network Marketing Business On AutoPilot

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You have probably heard the saying: “the money is in the list!” Yes, it’s true, building your own list is critical in every network marketing business, because without a list your business will collapse.

No, I’m not talking about writing a list of your family, friends and everyone you know!

I’m referring to a list of people who opt in, showing that they are interested in what you have to offer. They exchange their names and contact details for the information about your products or services as well as your business opportunity.

A network marketing business requires both prospects and customers that will join you or buy the products you offer.

It’s very important that you learn how to attract interested people to you on a daily basis, using proven to work marketing strategies. A handful of leads a day will not cut it.

Buying leads is a bad idea – it’s a waste of time and money. Those people have not shown any interest in your offer and they don’t know you at all. Why would they want to buy from you?

NEVER waste time trying to “convince” people that they need what you are offering!

So, what happens next? What do you do with your list?

You will then need an auto responder system that will allow you to have people opting in to receive more information about your offer(s). Do your research and look for a good auto responder system on the internet, offering great service and support.

This is an amazing tool that every network marketer should use!

Bottom line: you can head out to the beach or the shopping mall with the kids, go on a long overdue vacation while a little army of your automated follow-up e-mails get sent to your subscribers and be able to make commissions — smart, huh?

It allows you to create massive results with your business without being tied to the phone and spending hours on e-mail – incredible!

The key is to leverage your time, efforts and energy. When you have an auto responder system set up, you can focus on driving more traffic, learning and polishing your marketing, improving your sales funnel, tracking and improving your conversions as well as training and coaching your team. These are the income-producing activities that the top earners in the industry spend their time on.

As you will have total control over your own list, you can keep sending messages to your list, for as long as your subscribers are still “happy” to receive the information from you.

So, what do you write about in your messages to your list? Be on the look out for my next article as I be sharing some great tips on this subject.

In the meantime, set up your own auto responder system and put your business on complete auto pilot!

For more tips on how to build a successful network marketing business, go ahead and click on the link in the resource box below.

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Thousands of network marketers are still struggling to make a real income in their businesses. They use old marketing methods and spend themselves out of business every single day… Are YOU one of them? Mavis Nong, Internet Marketer and Coach, invites you to discover free, cutting-edge marketing training at Attraction Marketing Online blog.

MLM Recruiting-Do You Really Need The Internet

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Some networkers seem to be really dragging their feet when it comes to getting on board with the new way of marketing their business and doing MLM recruiting. It seems to some as if the internet is only a thorn in their side. So the question comes up, do you really need the internet?

The reality is, if a network marketer is not taking advantage of the internet right now, or even more importantly, not providing some sort of education, they are missing out on customers, prospects and downline members that are being snapped up by people who are using the internet.

For example, if a networker is making a routine 50 cold calls a day or making 3 new contacts a day while performing their work and daily routine, they may just happen to come across someone who’s at the right spot in their life and legitimately looking for an opportunity. Let’s say that the networker has caught them at just the right minute in their day where they’re willing to take the time to listen to them. And let’s say the networker actually manages to arouse the person’s curiosity enough so they’re interested in finding out more.

The course of MLM recruiting events goes like this: The networker sets up an appointment with the person to describe the opportunity, the 3-way call with the sponsor and the prospect is scheduled, the prospect is invited to attend a conference call about the opportunity, a DVD or an email with a link to a video that’s all about the opportunity is sent, or the prospect gets sent to the stunning company website which is also all about the one-of-a-kind opportunity. That’s total of 6 pitches already.

Meanwhile, the prospect is researching online themselves about the network marketing opportunity and they discover someone who is providing a free report concerning why most people don’t succeed with their home based business or maybe some free videos concerning how to get leads for free using the net instead of talking to friends and family.

Usually what happens is the prospect will provide their name and e-mail in exchange for this information and probably disregard the appointment they set up in the first place.

The prospect starts receiving more emails offering useful information from the networker who is using the internet and providing information and it is seen as a helpful guide from someone who’s looking out for them. Trust is built and eventually the prospects asks how they can do duplicate the process. So, the question ‘do you really need the internet’ is answered….as networker #1 just lost a lead and sabotages their own MLM recruiting efforts.

At the bare minimum, networkers need to be online to protect their offline MLM recruiting efforts. As millions of people are getting online, networkers who are applying simple attraction marketing techniques are gathering up prospects in great numbers.

So one can see that the answer to whether or not the internet needs to be used is a resounding yes. Luckily the internet hasn’t come close to reaching its full potential so there’s still plenty of opportunity to learn and use this mega marketing tool.

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Khai is an MLM Recruiting expert who specializes in lead generation and list building.

Grab his free report and learn how to avoid the 7 Deadly Sins Of MLM Recruiting

A Closer Look At Private Quarters

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You can find an array of products in the network marketing and direct sales industry, but not often home textiles such as bed and bath linen which are provided by Private Quarters.

Private Quarters was originally founded in 2004 by entrepreneurs Jeff Stroud and Wayne Selness. You would have thought that a company like this may have suffered in terms of growth, simply because of the ongoing financial difficulties happening around the globe. But despite this they have shown a positive growth trend and are becoming more profitable each year.

They are based in California and have a 50,000 square foot plant where they manufacture and store their products. When they started they only had a very small factory.

In order to successfully sell these products you will be heading down the more traditional referral marketing route, as you would expect. Your customers are going to want to see and touch the products for themselves, once they feel how soft and comfortable they are, the sale will probably be made then. This isn’t going to be an automated internet sales business that’s for sure.

The company focuses very heavily on hosting home parties as the key method to selling and recruiting. So much so that they will even provide you with free products for your party!

Interestingly the average earnings of a Private Quarter’s distributor (or consultant as they are called) are higher than the industry standard. Figures show that 2 home parties a week should net you around $2.5K. For doing 2 presentations I’d say that was well worth it.

As all orders are shipped by PQ you don’t need to worry about storing products yourself, making the whole deal a lot more convenient.

How will you earn money from Private Quarters?

You can make money in two different ways, either by sales on which you can get a 40% override on the retail price and also 11% from your teams sales. The beauty is of course in the residual aspect of this comp plan, so you should definitely aim to sponsor as many people under you as possible. If you want to take things to the next level and can work your way up to a Director then you will be rewarded with extra bonuses, such as the cash and generation bonus. They also offer 2 trips each year for those that want to take advantage.

When you are ready to get stared in the PQ business opportunity you will need to pay $199 for your starter kit. This will give you some product and also the others things that you need to get your business up and running. You’ll have your own company website as well which will enable you to take orders online..

Overall this is a great opportunity for anyone with an interest in this niche. Bear in mind though that you probably won’t be selling products online ‘on autopilot’. You can however make good use of the internet to generate leads and find other people that would be interested in starting their own Private Quarters business.

One of the biggest problems that folks run into is that they run out of people to prospect very quickly. Most people’s warm market is not big enough to bring about any success However, using proven methods which can be implemented by anyone, it’s quite easy to continually increase your warm market and never run out of hot prospects again.

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There is definitely money to be earned from Private Quarters if you are ready to make the effort. Discover for yourself easy methods to produce thirty or more qualified prospects each day for your business at the writers mlm marketing blog site today.

Is It Really Premier Marketing With CarbonCopyPro?

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Could marketing be put on automation like many other things? It appears the folks over at Carbon Copy Pro think so. This system was put together by Jay Kubasseck and several others and is designed to help entrepreneurs become successful. In this Carbon Copy Pro review I look at just what this company has to give.

Automated Marketing

If marketing and advertising can be automated it appears the individuals over at Carbon Copy Pro may just have found a method to do it. Whenever you sign up for this leading marketing education and resource company, as they call themselves, you are given the tools to develop a virtual office. The advantages are obvious. You can easily work from any location and don’t need a workplace to do so. Carbon Copy Pro states it provides members with:

“a fully staffed virtual office; communication tools, business resources along with the training and support needed for each member’s success.”

Limited Membership

Their objective also appears to be to make sure their system isn’t flooded with people who do not take their own online business seriously. Membership appears to be restricted to referrals. And this system isn’t cheap. In my Carbon Copy Pro review I discovered it costs around $2,000 for the financial course CarbonCopyPro is providing. Also it seems you can ask for a private interview for $49.00 to see if you pre-qualify for this system.

Learning to Earn

It seems like the intention of Carbon Copy Pro is to train members the way to market more expensive products, such as the Wealth Masters International system. The good thing is is you start earning right off the bat as an affiliate. Is it a get rich scheme? Not from what I can see. You still have to work hard to promote your business and make the effort to master what they’re teaching. And if you will definitely shell out $2,000 you most likely are extremely serious about what you do.

Carbon Copy Pro Review

Again here are a few of the things this company is offering to its members:

* A system that is personalized to your marketing needs and customer managed

* Detailed statistics let you understand exactly how you are doing

* They provide a call center to help with sale closing

* Carbon Copy Pro is offered worldwide and in over 50 languages

* Training that encompasses various levels of experience and budgets

* Live training, webinars and teleseminars

* Email and phone support plus live chat

* Outsourcing and virtual assistant help if needed

* Personal mentors

Is Carbon Copy Pro a Scam?

I don’t think so. It is a sound solution to those who are serious about learning how to market their business. It is not for the casual “maybe I will do that someday” type person. However they do seem to fully understand what they’re talking about over there. I would say my Carbon Copy Pro review is a positive one. Let me know what you think and if you have had any experience with this system.

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This Carbon Copy Pro Review has helped numerous people get the truth behind the system. For more info on how you can take your marketing skills to the next level, learn all about building your Marketing Education Here.

Is There Really Any Money In Affiliate MLM Programs?

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With all the hard work you will need to put into your affiliate marketing business you would probably like to have an idea how that money can be earned. There are several ways that you are able to earn money and they will determine what approach you need to take.

The most common one that you will come across and that you will know about is the straight forward commission you can earn on selling a product, a service or an action. This is also called the Pay Per Sale way to earn affiliate revenue.

There is no set commission structure and every MLM company will determine its own structure. It can vary from a small percentage to as high as 70% or even more. However, the product with the highest commission structure is not necessarily the best one to take up on.

When you come across such a product offering you might want to have a look at the Alexa rating. Although this score is not always a totally accurate assessment of popularity, it does provide you with additional information. The more gravity a product has the more affiliates are enthusiastic about the offer.

You might want to forego a high commission structure on a product you can’t sell at all, to a more popular product with a far lower commission percentage but which you have some chance of finding buyers for.

Another form of revenue stream is the pay per lead or call. This is a sales program where your ad that you are hosting on your blog or site has induced a possible buyer to pick up the phone and call for further information.

It’s still early days for this kind of business model as it requires the use of sophisticated telephone tracking systems. But there could be a future for this kind of bridging operation between online and offline. In this revenue model you get paid for every call that is made.

The most commonly known online revenue stream and one which many bloggers have tried themselves is the Pay Per Click or PPC business model. This form of advertising is what Google is known for. Of course there are many more businesses besides Google that offer this, but Google’s AdSense is probably the best known of them all.

This sales model will provide you with a commission payment every time an ad that appears on your blog is clicked by a visitor. In recent years the ad revenue has shrunk quite substantially This means that you need huge traffic numbers. For the blogger with small visitor numbers you will not be able to give up your day job any time soon.

The least well known form of affiliate revenue is earned from Pay Per Impressions or CPM. This form stands for cost per mil where the word mil stands for a thousand. This does not refer to the number of clicks on the ad but the number of people who have viewed the ad. In other words it depends exclusively on the number of visitors you get to the page or page impressions.

The most popular out of all of these revenue models is the pay per sale model. Over 65% of affiliate programs are based on this business model. For the new affiliate marketer choosing this as a revenue program would probably be the best route to take.

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