Network Marketing Time Freedom

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There are numerous benefits to getting started with the network marketing sector. Why am I saying this? Have a look at the particular persons you know which are prosperous in this sector and pay attention to what they have to say.

Maybe the advantage that I’ve heard pointed out the most times from people profitably involved in this market (OK, apart from that of becoming the proud earner of a 6 or 7 figure income) is the time freedom network marketing can offer. I think the majority of individuals talk about it because the freedom to plan and live your life how you want to could be the most desirable and enjoyable experience on earth – desirable for those that are captive in an 8-hour-a-day fixed job and are scared to quit it, and enjoyable for these who already have it.

Obviously, firing your own boss can be a genuinely hard choice to make. You go through the risks of not being successful in your venture over and over again in your thoughts, and try to figure out if they be greater than the advantages you might have if you succeed… Of course they don’t… And you are aware of that. (Been there, done that). However, it’s that “what if…” that won’t leave you alone.

One of the best parts to becoming a member of the network marketing industry, and one that provides a solution to this problem, is that it doesn’t matter exactly how much cash or time you have at your disposal when you choose to start off in the industry. And this ought to help make your decision a lot less difficult – you could leave your current job only after you notice you’re making more profit from this particular company, by working 2-4 hours per day than the income you make from your full-time employment. It is only then that you will get the first taste of what I am talking about: more money=more free time, instead of more money=less free time.

Equally important, I have just used the word “working” in order to describe another idea in fact: a lot of persons involved in this sector hardly consider it “work”, in the exact meaning of the term – mainly because you equally work and have fun while doing so. You are free to meet new persons, exchange thoughts, become popular within different communities. This kind of experience will definitely cause you to be socially active, even if you might be actually more of a lone wolf.

And, eventually, let me get back to where we started: your time freedom. You can get to plan your own every day activities just like you want; you’ve got a flexible daily schedule, therefore it is possible to take time off whenever you wish, even in the middle of the week. Furthermore, you benefit from substantial mobility – you are able to get away from home for as long as you wish and still manage to keep to your own work routine (you mostly work online, remember?)

Why am I saying with such certainty that the risks do not outweigh the benefits you’ll enjoy in case you succeed?…Because it is possible to govern these risks you allegedly assume. Beating the odds is completely up to you this time, due to the fact in this particular market, with very few exceptions, your earnings are directly proportional to the effort you put into your own company.  Becoming involved is simple, irrespective of the studies, qualifications or knowledge in a particular area, but just how successful you might be depends upon your degree of engagement in training yourself, in understanding and implementing fine advertising strategies. And as soon as you start earning, you will also find out what it’s like to be the only one in charge of your own time.

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Online Marketing – 3 Profitable Ways To Make Money Online

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Is the possibility of starting and building a successful online marketing business got you searching for answers? I’m sure you are just one of many thousands of people that would like to fulfill their dream of financial independence and success by starting a business of their own. With the current economic climate that we have in the world today, this idea seems more and more prevalent.

In this article I will discuss 3 different ways that people are making money online. There are many ways that people are achieving the success that they are looking for but I will only focus on these 3 areas only. I sure that if you are looking to be pointed in the right direction one of these business methods will be something you are looking for.

The first way that I want to talk about is Affiliate Marketing this is a very popular way of making money online, this method includes the marketing of other people’s products and services. This process involves you getting registered with an affiliate of a specific product or even an affiliate network and marketing their products to people that may be interested in what you are offering and when that person makes a purchase you are compensated for the sale in the form of a commission. There are an unlimited amount of products to choose from that you can market it should be something that you like and would like to recommend to others.

The second way that you can make money online is to bring your current product or service that you are selling offline or develop a product for exclusive online use and market it online. Being a product owner is a popular way to build a business; one of the main reasons that this method is so attractive is because with the internet you have an unlimited amount of customers to reach out to.

The third way of making money online is to market the products and services of a MLM company. This is a good way to do business because of many reasons one is the variety in products that you can market with an MLM business. This can be anything from cosmetic products to insurance, telecommunications, legal services or even vitamins or health products. The most attractive reason for marketing a MLM online is the multi level feature that is involved. The way that this works is that not only do you get paid when you sell products and services but you also get paid when people that you recruited into the business sells products.

So you have a choice when it comes to building an online marketing business. There may be other favorable ways that you can find as a business strategy online but these are 3 of the basic ways that can get you started.

If you would like more detailed information on how I build my online MLM business with success using cutting edge marketing techniques, follow the link at the bottom of this page input your information to get directed to the next page for some free training.

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My Shopping Genie Lead Generation

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When it comes to creating a successful business with my shopping genie you must have a continual source of people to introduce to my shopping genie, if you are only relying on your warm list of friends and family to grow your business then you will end up running out of people to talk to and most probably be alienated from your friends and family.

Now thanks to the internet it has never been easier to find new people to talk to about your my shopping genie business and if you apply attraction marketing to your marketing campaigns you will have people contacting you interested in what you are doing with the shopping genie company, now how do you think your business and you income would look if you have an endless amount of people to talk to about your business and even have people contacting you.

I am sure you would realize the impact that kind of exposure would have on your online business but the big question is, how do you use the internet to generate new leads every single day?

This is the biggest mystery to the new marketers that come online and this single factor will make and break anyone’s business because like I have mentioned before you will not get far without an endless supply of leads to talk to about your opportunity.

So the purpose of this article is to give you some ideas on where to start off with marketing your my shopping genie business but you need to know right now, when it comes to marketing online consistency is going to be the key to your success.

Create today and reap the rewards tomorrow.

Here are a few marketing strategies that you can start implementing today to start to generate leads for your My Shopping Genie business:

Article Marketing: If you don’t have a marketing budget then you can start with the good old article marketing to start generating leads, the top three article submission sites are,, but there really are hundreds of article submission sites out there just google it.

Video Marketing: Create promotional videos for your shopping genie business and upload them to youtube, viddler and other video submission sites again just google it to find more.

Forum Marketing: Forums are a great way to find new prospects for your my shopping genie business opportunity, a lot of the highly successful internet marketers started their businesses from forum marketing.
The top two forums are and its free to create and account so just head over and create an account, create an interested signature file and start mingling.

These are just three free marketing strategies that you can implement today to start creating leads for your business but again without action and consistency you will find it hard to create success with these three strategies.

If you are interested in learning a lot more marketing strategies to generate leads for your my shopping genie business then I would like to invite you to check out this My Shopping Genie Marketing Blueprint that will teach you both free and paid marketing strategies, you will also learn how to create capture pages so you can start capturing leads today among other things.

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Need Help With WorldVentures Downline – Tips

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If you need help with WorldVentures downline you can search the internet and find it full of ‘experts’ who can offer programs and services to help you grow your networking business.

The problem is that most of the systems and the techniques these guru’s teach really only focus on generating more leads, and not educating about team leadership and the psychology of marketing. Any successful marketer will confirm that, above all, you absolutely must learn prospecting and closing skills first, then develop a business strategy and teach your team of doing the same, so that they replicate your success and get your business growing.

Now, when you’re looking to maximize your personal residual income, you know that one of the best forms of leverage is to build a winning team.

Building a successful, self-managing WorldVentures team involves knowing in ADVANCE what strategies you’re going to teach them, then SHOWING the goals they are going achieve if they chose to join you in your business. That doesn’t mean that you need to have world class systems in place before you can train your team. It just means that you should start with tried and tested business strategy and develop it as you progress so it suits your marketing style best.

The training systems that you should have in place are:

- Goal setting system
- Prospecting systems
- Closing systems
- Marketing systems
- Leadership development systems
- Retention systems
- Support systems

You can improve your retention rate by as much as 50% if you have a plan which can help your new member see a measure of success within their first 30 days of joining your business. Not only will it help this new person stay motivated, but completing each of 30 day Success steps should also keep him focused and let him feel like he is progressing.

That’s a Fact: if people aren’t succeeding then they won’t be around long enough to achieve ANY level of success.

Imagine for just a moment how you’d feel and act if right from the start you truly believed that you can not fail in your business? That’s a mindset that you want to help your downline to achieve. Set the objectives for up to 12 months for your new members, so that they can actually SEE exactly what they are going to achieve with you. Then provide them with a business strategy that you know IS going to work.

Tip: always make sure you recognise leaders within your organization! Know your own strengths and weaknesses, then let everyone play at their strengths so that everyone is doing what they’re best at. This is a great way of showing your leaders knowledge, and its also a great ego boost which will make your team members feel good.

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William V Vysniauskas is a Network Marketing Insider who has been provided with this exceptional opportunity to help network marketers, that are serious about becoming successful, to succeed. For your free report visit Learn To Earn Academy

3 Send Out Cards Productivity Secrets You Can Implement Today For Massive Success

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Calling all Send Out Cards Business Owners,

This article on Send Out Cards will show you how you can implement some result producing activities into your business that will make you that much more efficient in building your business.

Just so you’re aware, this is truly a third party perspective, as I am not involved with Send Out Cards.

There are a couple things you need to be doing on a daily basis to keep your Send Out Cards business growing.

In fact, there are three things that I hope you’ll implement immediately after reading this article:

Number 1: Your Priorities. Your “to-do” list for the day, usually about 5 to 10 different things.

Two: Determine who you need to reach out to and who you’re waiting on to continue with your daily priorities.

Number 3: Know your big projects – the REALLY big projects!

Here’s a good suggestion for you: Once you’ve read this article, be sure to read the resource box at the end to get access to the Send Out Cards training while it’s still available.

Okay, let’s address #1: Your Priorities:

They’re your priorities for a reason: these are the tasks you need to do FIRST, before you get caught up in anything else.

They must be in order, on paper. You’re going to be working your other things to do around this list.

As long as you’re consistent, doing this on a regular basis will help your productivity tremendously.

You’re business will benefit immensely as long as your implementing these most important things to do each day.

BUSINESS TIP: You will be much less productive if you check your email first thing every day.

Email is full of other people’s demands on you – which translates to a huge distraction from your priorities. Try to keep the email to a minimum and don’t respond to other people’s demands until you’ve responded to your own.

My recommendation to you is simple: Check your email only 2-3 times per day. Once at 10:00 a.m., once at 3:00 p.m., and lastly at 5-6:00.

The second thing is to determine who the people you need to reach out to are. Most likely in Send Out Cards this may be your customers, your team members, or your sponsor, to name a few.

At this point, use your email to touch base with the people who can help you get your list done.

This may involve some outsourcing, such as hiring someone to build your blog, or website, etc.

Don’t forget – these are people you need to get in touch with to finish your priority tasks today.

There may be times when you have to contact someone multiple times to get what you need. But this is your business, you don’t want to waste any time!

#3: This is where you will be managing your most important Projects for your Send Out Cards business. Think BIG PICTURE here!

Here is where we’ll decide what projects you want to work on. Make a list of them in order of importance, then determine what other actions go along with them in order to accomplish them all.

Now, these don’t need to be done today, but you need to start outlining them and putting them into motion of how you want to design them, build them, etc.

To give you an idea, these projects could be anything from designing a new marketing campaign, making some training videos, or developing a different sales funnel.

You will most likely have 5 or more things you can do each day for each project.

Wow – that was a lot of stuff to go over! But this is just the beginning – this information will help you streamline your Send Out Cards business and propel you to top-earner status.

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The Truth About MLM Sponsoring Online

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MLM sponsoring can be tough, and without the right knowledge it’s damn difficult. Sponsoring people into your MLM business will take four things. Time, effort, an internet connection and a phone line. Over the following couple of paragraphs, I’m going to reveal exactly how anyone can sponsor two to three people per day into any Network Marketing company.

Before I go over the strategy, you need to be dedicated and you need to be consistent. Building a MLM business requires a lot of time and mental focus. You’re going to need to be willing to learn new things, try new things and never give up until you see results.

So let’s begin. In order to sponsor two to three people a day you need to work out a few things. Like how many people you to need to speak to before someone joins and how you’re going to generate leads.

You need leads if you want to speak to people and you need to speak to people if you want to sponsor people. So lead generation, how the heck do you do it? Simply put, you can generate leads offline or online. Offline lead generation is pretty simple; you can even ask random strangers for their phone numbers.

Online lead generation is something you should only think about once you’ve sponsored at least 10 people into your business. In order to generate leads online you need to know a lot about online marketing. And online marketing is something that will probably take you six to twelve months to learn.

So let’s say you’ve figured out a way of generating leads. Now you need to pick up the phone and call them. There is just no way you can sponsor a consistent 2 or more people a day without picking up the phone. Voice communication an essential part of a successful MLM business.

Like I said, there is no way you can build a 5 or more figure a year business without voice communication. So once you’re generating leads, you need to sponsor them over the phone. A better word would be prospect. You need to prospect your leads over the phone.

No matter what anyone tells you, a percentage of people will join. So you need to find out that percentage and do the daily work to sponsor x amount of reps per day. That’s all it takes. Lead generation, phone prospecting and daily action!

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Learn more about MLM sponsoring at David Wood’s MLM blog. Looking to generate more leads? Checkout David’s MLM training website.

How To Find The Best Network Marketing Company

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Looking for the perfect Network Marketing Company for you? Having a hard time decide? I can imagine, because there are hundreds and hundreds of Network Marketing Companies out there, and what to look for?

With this article I’ll try and help you get closer to a choice whether you should go one way or another. First I want to say, you shouldn’t try and keep up with every single Network Marketing Company. Why? Because every day new Network Marketing Companies appear, and trying to keep up with all of them will be nothing but a waste of time.

I will not make a long list of things you should be looking for while finding the perfect Network Marketing Company. With that said, it does matter which one you chose, but instead of a list I have ONE thing you should be looking at. Of course the business should be a legit Network Marketing Company, and there are good things to look at, such as how long it as been around and how the business is growing and all that stuff. But if all that is looking fine, you should concentrate about one thing and one thing only!

What I want you to ask yourself when you’re looking at a Network Marketing Company is whether YOU like the product! I will actually recommend that you try the product or service before joining as a distributor. You have to be passionate about your product, and you have to really mean it when you tell others that it’s a great product. Selling something you don’t really care about makes no sense at all! Every successful person in this industry is using the product they are providing to others, and so should you be doing. But you shouldn’t use a product just because you sell it – you should sell it because YOU are passionate about the product at you enjoy using it. See the different? If you feel forced to use a product, you will carry that along with you and you will not succeed with your Network Marketing Company.

I know there is a big chance that you want to start right now! And I can understand that. And you may not feel that you have to try the product before becoming a consumer, but in the end, this will save you a lot of time. Because joining the “wrong” company, then joining another “wrong” company, and another, THAT will be a waste of your time and the only thing you will carry with you is failure. So my advice for you is, take your time and choose right the first time. If you don’t care about the product at all, you should rather not join that company.

I hope this article have inspired you to find the right Network Marketing Company for you, and take your time. And remember, no matter what people tell you, there is no easy way to success, and you have to invest time to learn what to do and time to grow your business the right way. And also, you are NOT going to learn that from the company, not in any Network Marketing Company. If you are serious about getting successful you have to turn elsewhere to get the information on how to become a great marketer, because THAT is what you should be.

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Tips To Survive In Your Network Marketing Business

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The businesses of network marketing and direct sales have thrived in all economies for years and the reason for their success is the key ingredient – people. The formula of a good network marketing venture is: good people skills and hard work, both of which are attainable.

Committing one hundred percent to make this business a success instills the belief that there is no room for failure. Work out a simple successful step by step plan and achieve it. Always look for positive vibes when looking for prospects. Negativity could pull you down. Having a great positive attitude keeps you prepared for any kind of a scenario. Maintain a strict schedule and devote time to see your benefits multiply. Developing strong relationships with other business owners ensures a strong sense of cause and commitment to a common goal.

Spend time to know about the company, its values, commitment, products and reaffirm them to your circle of people, thereby bringing a ring of conviction to it. Treat the business seriously and it shall reap rewards. Find out your strengths and weaknesses and accordingly highlight and work on them.

Having a strong mindset is the key to success in any business venture. The following guidelines would ensure success in your network marketing business:

Show Commitment

Being committed to the network marketing business makes you desire success. Do not give up easily when you have to face a few hurdles, it is a learning process.

Accept Challenges

Owning a business and being your own boss is not going to be an easy task. Adapting to a lifestyle that would let you work full time and pursue dreams of owning a business does require a strong mind that is achievable.

Set Goals

Develop a strategy and a business flow model to achieve your goals one step at a time. Being confident of who you are and reassuring yourself of your capabilities, keeps you in a positive frame of mind.

Don’t Judge Yourself

“I should have done that”, “I wish I had a better approach strategy”, “Why aren’t things working for me?” are the questions that will inevitably pop in your mind time and again. Encounter them by improving yourself and making changes where necessary.

Invest yourself in the Business

Consider yourself as the best investment in the business of network marketing. Learn and equip yourself with all the “ingredients” needed to run your business utilizing resources like libraries, books, tapes and seminars.

Get Advice

Take valuable advice or tips from your mentors and seniors who have been successful in the business. You can learn from the mistakes they have made and head-on successfully – making fewer mistakes in the process. Keep in touch with sponsors and people who have joined to give and receive information on running the business with resounding success.

Your network marketing business is not going to be smooth sailing to start with, but when efforts are in place, the rewards are fantastic. Look at your setbacks as a positive experience and guide to a wonderful future. Attaining financial freedom is a dream that everyone wants, go ahead and realize it.

For more information and to contact Maryjean, visit:

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Maryjean Howe is a business coach and mentor based out of Oceanside, CA, that assists serious entrepreneurs in building a profitable online business with multiple incomes streams. Maryjean and her team have assisted hundreds of people, from doctors and lawyers to high-school drop-outs and single parents in generating profits that exceed $250K or more in their first year. For more information and to contact Maryjean, visit:

Why Indirect Reverse Marketing Stops The Sale

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What I am about to teach you, is a method for reverse marketing called the indirect approach. With this strategy, you are really reversing the selling process. With an indirect approach, your goal is to attract customers or potential business partners to you, without you having to directly ask them for their business. The idea is to have people asking you for what you have, versus you asking them to purchase.

As you probably already recognize, people love to purchase, but they do not enjoy being sold to. In other words, people are purchasing goods every day, yet, very few people look forward to interacting with sales people. How frequently do you enter a retail store, are approached by a sales clerk asking if they can help you? Now, how many times have you quickly given them the automatic blow off line – no thanks, I’m only looking? The truth is, you’re not just looking, you are there to buy something, but don’t want to be bothered. You want to buy on your terms without added pressure. That is the reason this indirect reverse marketing approach is an ingenious method.

How Does An Indirect Approach Equate To Reverse Marketing?

As I noted, the majority of customers do not want to be coerced into buying things. Additionally bear in mind the fact that people love it when they can claim new ideas. Furthermore, don’t you feel better about a purchase when you feel you arrived at that decision all on your own? What does all of this have to do with your business? The most successful sales people are individuals who understand human nature. Let me reveal an illustration of a reverse marketing or indirect sales approach.

Result of Not Using Reverse Marketing

You have a product that you market that solves a common problem. The statistics tell you that at least 7 in 10 people are affected by this issue. You not only know the numbers, but you personally know people who complain about this problem openly. The average sales person will make contact, and immediately tell everyone about the new awesome product they have. The average sales person will also give a raving review and tell people they have found the answer to their issues. Finally, they will ask that person to purchase the product from them. So what is the average result? People stop listening, they resist, and typically end the conversation by asking for a brochure or something to look over. Now let’s look at an indirect or reverse marketing scenario, using the same product example.

When You Use Reverse Marketing Approach

Instead of asking your friend directly to try the product, you do the reverse. It sounds somewhat like this. “Hi Mary, you probably haven’t heard, but I just started a promoting a new product in the XYZ field, and am doing some market research, and I was hoping you would be able to help me out with something.” Allow Mary to respond. Typically people like to be helpful, and will respond positively. “Mary, I understand this wouldn’t be of help or interest to you, but my market study is in need of people who are suffering from ABC issues, who can participate in a product test, for the purpose of testimonies. Who do you know Mary that might be dealing with this type of problem right now?” This reverse marketing or indirect approach eliminates the selling from the process. In reality, you did not pitch anything to Mary, or ask her to test, trial, or buy something from you at all. The reverse marketing technique here is actually removing Mary as a potential customer. Getting back to this scenario. If Mary seriously has this problem, at this point she will let you know about it.

Be Careful Not to Reverse Your Reverse Marketing Approach

This is a critical moment in the illustration. This is the time when inexperienced business owners get excited and their indirect reverse marketing approach unravels. Most people will begin to sell Mary on the product. If you let your guard down, Mary’s guard comes up and she shuts down. What you must do at this point is resist the temptation to tell Mary too much about your product. Telling is selling, and selling reverses your strategy. Instead, simply continue asking Mary about her situation in a matter of fact way. Don’t be dramatic in your responses either. It may sound something like this. “Really Mary, tell me more about your situation.” Allow Mary to explain what she has been dealing with, and keep your responses short, only affirming that you are listening. Next follow up by letting her know “Mary, I don’t know if my product will solve your problem, but if you would help me out by participating in my test, we can discover together if this can help you and provide some relief. Would you be willing to help me out with this?” Naturally she is going to say yes at this point, since she has nothing to lose and everything to gain!

The reason the indirect reverse marketing approach works so well, is because it is founded on pure human nature, as illustrated, Mary willingly participated. In fact, she came up with the idea herself. You did not need to convince her to do anything.

The Indirect Reverse Marketing Close

When the person begins to ask for more information about the product or what to expect, reply very succinctly. Avoid getting into a lengthy conversation with her about the details. If you engage in providing more details, you fuel further questions, and more details leads to paralysis of analysis. When you give individuals too many details to ponder, it halts your reverse marketing strategy. A best practice for this situation is to have a piece of literature with you that you can give with the product. This way, that person can review it later, and you get to avoid going into a sales pitch mode. You can kindly let Mary know you don’t want to get caught up in technical information. It will be of greater benefit to approach the trial without preconceived ideas, so you both can get a true measure of how it is working.

Always follow your reverse marketing approach with close follow up. Make sure and provide excellent customer service, by contacting that person and documenting their experience. The indirect approach gets the product into your customer’s hands, but the final sale is determined by your follow up.

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ACN MLM Business Review – How to avoid the mistakes 97% of people make in their ACN business…

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With so many MLM distributors failing in MLM companies like ACN, how come people are still being attracted to them when 97% of people fail in this industry?? Now there is no reason why you can succeed with ACN or any MLM company for that matter. BUT only if you went about it the right way and with the right information before you make a decision.

Well first off one of the things that attracts people to home based businesses like ACN is the promise that “you don’t actually have to sell anything”, or “the product is so good, it really sells itself”. The reality is that all business, whether it is network marketing, MLM or a traditional “bricks and mortar”, business is based on the exchange of a product or service for money. And no matter how you dress it up, this is a sales process. Many people have a fear of selling, primarily because they have not been taught how to sell. In a nutshell, we all love to buy things, but none of us likes to “be sold”.

This is where the lack of basic sales training from network marketing and MLM companies like ACN lets its independent distributors down. It perpetuates the perception that selling is a bad thing, and that simply by “sharing” products with our “circle of influence” (family, friends and work colleagues), you will be helping people and growing your business at the same time. One of the major flaws with this approach is that unsolicited advice about the benefits of using ACN products is just plain irritating, no matter how well intentioned it is.

To be successful in your ACN or MLM business, it is critical that you approach the sales process in a professional manner (just as if you had purchased a “bricks and mortar” style of business) otherwise you will end up like 97% of people in this industry and have your business FAIL.

Network marketing and MLM businesses like ACN are all about relationships. Many people don’t realize that a critical part of the sales process is about building open, honest relationships with your potential customers, and bringing value to these relationships at every opportunity. What is critical about this though is that you give useful information, with no expectation that you will be given anything in return. Building this type of trust is what makes a network marketing or MLM style of business so powerful.

The second key to growing your ACN business is a sound understanding of marketing techniques to bring the benefits of using ACN products to the attention of as many people as possible. There are some excellent products out there, but without the sales and marketing to back them up, you will quickly find yourself alongside the 97% of people who fail in companies like ACN or any other MLM company.

One of the best ways to achieve leverage and the level of interest in your business that can create a 6 figure income and the freedom of lifestyle you desire is to take your marketing online. To effectively market your business online, you need an automated, turnkey marketing system that sifts and sorts prospects for you around the clock. It also needs to be fully duplicatable.

Speaking of Leverage here’s a link to a controversial report that I have to say when I read it; it nearly made me fall off my chair. It’s called the Coffee House Letter and it is revolutionizing the way network marketers do business online. It will not only help you avoid the mistakes 97% of people in this industry make, it will open your eyes like it did mine to why not all home based businesses are created equal… Love it or hate it no-one can read the Coffee House Letter without it profoundly changing the way they view network marketing.

Gimme The Coffeehouse Letter

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I was born and raised in Taupo, New Zealand where I attended Taupo intermediate school and Tauhara college where I was head prefect in my senior year. I was working in a local restaurant, Ploughmans, where I was bar manager until recently I joined a team of entrepreneurs and am now on the way to creating a life I once only dreamed of, in myself and others