Scentsy Product Expert Review

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Scentsy started last 2004 wanting to focus more on manufacturing scented candles to provide safer and alternative burning without taking the risk. Most people like their products such as Scentsy Bars, Scentsy Bricks, Car Candles, Travel Tins, Warmers, and Plug-in Warmers for the reason it won’t make a mess and is easily cleaned up.

Scentsy is a network marketing business giving people a more favorable way to earn extra living by just marketing their product. They’ve already been increasing at about a year in revenue and the number of their consultants. With that, it wouldn’t be hard for us to earn money in a simplest form, just using our own tactics and desired skills.

People have different walks in life and all will fall into intricate situations if not handled properly when it comes to business and for us to overlook those aspects, we should use necessary techniques in planning, organizing, and controlling a business. In scentsy, you can also earn money with its direct selling business if you’ll just practice the required skills.

To be more successful consultant in this scentsy network marketing business, all you have to acquire is the presence of mind, competent knowledge and be open-minded for whatever possible outcomes of the business. Just look forward and draw nearer on the positive area and consider the negative sides as a challenge stepping up to success. In order for us to earn money especially at scentsy marketing, you have to use your special skills and techniques in organizing such business. Work in an open- minded attitude, explore our society, work and be with yourself. Involving yourself in researching is one of the most important matters to broaden your mind in the scentsy business to be more effective in generating income.

Getting online is actually not hard to deal with as what others find it complicated and narrow. This guarantee that all the information in their websites are certified true and correct because it belongs to them. Mostly all of us should depend on an online generation system so that it would be comfortable and easier for us to access accurate and appropriate information in marketing a business. This also serves as your sites that lead people to what you are selling. Now, I suggest you guys out there should be part of the internet world and do what we’re doing for progressive and productive outcome.

Showing some trust is the best way to gain confidence in return to your leaders so that it will be easier for us to market the scentsy business. In this case, we are also called a leader in this side of the market. You are working to generate income and at the same time scentsy business get benefits from you. You can also work for it with your own choice of time. This business has a double purpose in a case that you are working while catering the needs of your family. You can work on regular hours if you want to as long as you earn. Work for it and earn for yourself.

A well planned marketing idea integrating the techniques used by the top 3% of all MLM industry leaders is beneficial to succeed in this industry. Access FREE TRAINING detailing the steps you must take to join the leaders NOW.

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I’m Katherine Mason: Small Business Mentor & Online Marketing Strategist. Welcome to my website.

In today’s fast-paced information-age, business competition is greater than ever. The potential reach of small business extends far beyond traditional boundaries. In what seems like almost overnight, businesses that once had perhaps five or even a dozen competitors, are now literally inundated with world-wide competition.

How To Use Copywriting To Explode Your Wow Green Business

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Hey there – hope you’ve had a productive day.

Today I’m going to show you a simple 5 step process you can use to build your Wow Green business using copywriting. It’s a method I learned directly from industry expert Mike Dillard.

Good copywriting will allow you to sell just about anything using the print. You can think of it as selling through radio ads, or even in person. And of course, copywriting can be used to sell your business and build your down.

But you’re not here for the introductions, you’re here to find out how to build your business with this amazing technique. Here we go….

How to build your Wow Green business using text…

1. Expose the problem. The majority of people face problems like lack of money – or they have a hard time growing their primary opportunity. You simply have to find out what the problem is and then bring it to the light.

2. Supply a benefit to the problem that is unique. Simply put, you’ll need to provide a unique solution to the problem.

3. Give Factual Proof. This means providing things like testimonials and other facts that prove your solution works. This will build belief in your solution.

4. Provide a Risk Free Offer. Allow people to try your solution without the fear of losing money or time. Many people do this in the form of a 30-day free trial for example. Of course, by doing this, you take away any hesitation in trying your product or service.

5. Fear Of Loss. The two most common ways of doing this are offering a limited number of products or giving a limited time offer. So you essentially want your customers to act now, or they lose out.

This technique pretty amazing and you might be shocked at the results – being that it’s so simple. If you’d like to see an example of a great sales letter in action check out Mike Dillard’s sales letter for his Magnetic Sponsoring product at:
(copy and paste the link if you have to)

But here’s a friendly warning – This IS a sales letter, so Mike Dillard is selling – so please keep this mind when reading. But since this example is so good – I felt compelled to include it.

My very best,


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In order to build your Wow Green business, it is important to learn everything you can about effective copywriting and marketing systems. Visit the following link and you will be taken to a video review of how to build your Wow Green International business using effective copywriting.

Be Motivated Today: Will You Make Money?

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Most people have become sceptical of so-called ‘opportunities’ mainly because they have heard many horror stories from friends or they have been burnt themselves! This feeling is not unsubstantiated, because the failure rate in the network marketing/ home business/ MLM industry is apparently about 97%. The fact is that most people simply do not make money! So is Be Motivated Today any different?

The fact that the failure rate is so dismal can be traced down to a few fundamental flaws of most mlm companies. The home business industry is a billion dollar industry, with many average people becoming millionaires. Their secret is that they are part of companies that they DO NOT expect the following of you:

* To sell your business opportunity to family and friends

* To peddle your company’s (expensive) products to friends and family

* To make ‘cold calls’ to complete strangers

* To follow-up with uninterested people

* To go to endless meetings and seminars

* To meet prospects in coffee shops and in at their homes

* To convince people that your products are not expensive

These points are they main reasons why many people quit the industry and never make a single cent. If you have tried network marketing before, I am sure you can relate.

The good news is that many new companies have had the vision and foresight to improve these traditional weaknesses of most network marketing/mlm companies. By using the technology of the internet, many companies have made it possible for the average person to be a financially free. With the internet, the world becomes your prospect, not just you family and friends. You can completely automate your business and attain the lifestyle of the top earners if you work with the right system.

One such a company is Be Motivated Today. With this company there is no selling, no cold calling, no meetings, no bugging friends and family, inexpensive products, an easy system and they have the highest payout in the world. You only need 15 min a day to be successful. You can even give it a try for free! To research this option further, follow this link or paste it into your browser:


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Henk Fawell is an experienced internet marketer

Multi Level Marketing Businesses: Advantages & Disadvantages

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It seems like multi-level marketing businesses are getting more popular than ever especially with the way our economy is going. They are the rage now on the internet realm. In fact, many multi level marketing businesses are taken by people who work from the comfort of their own home. There are various mlms and many different products to choose from. They come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of compensation plans and support help. Having a successful multi-level marketing business opportunity can give you the money that you have always dreamed of having. It’s very exciting to know that you can begin internet marketing with a multi level marketing business opportunity and get great results. However, they require just as much hard work and commitment as any other business. If you are reading this article because you are wondering if multi level marketing opportunities really work, the answer is, yes. If you’re relatively new to this industry and concept, you might be a little skeptical and that fine. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to owning multi level marketing opportunities.

Advantages: Having successful multi level marketing businesses can give you the money that you have always dreamed of having. They give you an unfair advantage to a life of abundance that no other business modal can offer. They are easy to get started with and usually have a low start up cost, compared to franchises. You can leverage the efforts of your downline that you built to make more money faster. Once you have built your multi level marketing business opportunity to a certain level, it will not take a full work schedule to keep it going smoothly. All businesses have their own tax benefits and an mlm is no different. The best multi level marketing opportunities are created by leaders who apply the different secrets. You can use many different marketing strategies like, weblog to attract different kinds of users. With multi level marketing opportunities you can say goodbye to the daily grind and never ending dissatisfaction of life.

Disadvantages: Recognize that there is some risk involved in becoming an entrepreneur and joining multi-level marketing businesses. 95% of new mlm entrepreneurs will fail at their business within the first three months. You will be risking your reputation when you join. The reason I say this is because most multi level marketing business opportunity offer marketing strategies, like getting your friends and family involved. With a failure rate so high, getting them involved may burn some bridges later if it doesn’t work out. If you have not noticed yet some multi level marketing opportunities are better than others. You must make sure you are joining the best, do your research. Your mlm business isn’t just about traffic, it’s about conversions. Most multi-level marketing opportunities don’t convert that high. Generating leads for your mlm business can be a difficult thing to do. Most mlms don’t offer the best marketing strategies. Without a solid team to back you up, your online mlm business cannot succeed. With a multi level marketing business opportunity you usually need a huge downline to make good money.

For most people they will join a business that a friend or family member is involved with. This can be a big mistake. If you are really serious about getting involved in multi level marketing businesses, make sure it is the one that you feel comfortable in and you feel you can make happen. Anyone can be successful in this industry. If they apply these strategies: always take action, learn how to market your business online, always fail forward, learn the power of "The Secret", and make sure you find a well rounded mentor. If you follow these strategies you will have longevity in this industry.

To learn more about online business and MLMs: CLICK HERE

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Zack Miller is a business coach and mentor that assists serious entrepreneurs in building a profitable online business with multiple incomes streams. Zack and his team have assisted hundreds of people in generating profits that exceed $250K or more in their first year. For more information and to contact Zack, visit:

A Truthful LeadNetPro Review

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LeadNetPro seems to be popping up everywhere. Everyone seems to be using it. If your reading this article then the chances are that you have come across this tool and want a real honest truthful review. So I’m going to give you one.

LeadNetPro is a very simple piece of software that is actually web based. Just in case you were wondering, it’s an online piece of software you can use to send email and voice messaging on a mass scale. If I had to sum up LeadNetPro in a sentence, I would tell you it’s a voice and email broadcasting system that scrapes its own leads. Yes, LeadNetPro scrapes its own leads!

So what can this tool be used for? Well if you’re in a Network Marketing company or you run a small business, LeadNetPro allows you to scrape and email thousands of laser targeted leads in a matter of minutes! Think about what you could do with thousands of targeted leads!

It’s a pretty cool piece of software, very easy to use and it works. If you struggle with lead generation, you need LeadNetPro. Whether you run an offline or online business, you need leads! With a few clicks of the mouse, LeadNetPro generates thousands of leads per day!

Most people join LeadNetPro for the email broadcasting system; however the voice broadcaster is just as powerful! Think about it for a minute, what could be faster than mobile marketing? It’s instant response. People use mobiles five times as much as they use the Internet. They also always carry their mobile phones around with them every day.

So if you could deliver a voice message about your product instantly to thousands of targeted leads, you’re going to be bringing in some fast sales! The potential is huge and mobile/voice broadcasting; it’s an untapped gold mine! So on the whole does LeadNetPro work and will it make you a bunch of money? No, it won’t, however it will greatly enhance your business if used correctly.

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Learn more about leadnetpro at David Wood’s LeadNetPro team website! Want more information about the compensation plan? Go ahead and checkout David’s leadnetpro compensation plan overview.

Rod Stinson’s Secret Formula Teleseminar Exposed: Get the Facts About his

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Considering all the controversy and hype surrounding Rod Stinson’s “Secret Formula Teleseminar,” I wanted to take a moment to give it my full review and report my findings for anyone who may be considering going into business with Rod Stinson.

First of all, who is Rod Stinson? Well, Rod Stinson is an Internet marketing guru with 23 years experience in network marketing and MLM. And he has been extremely successful in those 23 years. However, if you listen Rod’s story first hand, you will learn of a struggling man who had some serious financial troubles prior to making millions in his marketing endeavors.

In his Rod’s own words, he tells us a story about his son who fell off his bike in front of the house and puncturing his lip with his tooth. Embarrassingly, Rod goes on to tell us that his first thought that came to his mind was “I hope I can afford to have his lip fixed.”

It was right then, that something clicked inside of Rod, and he began a crusade to get himself and his family out of financial trouble and never struggle again. He succeeded.

Now it wasn’t until years later that Rod devised an ingenious marketing strategy which we all know as the “Secret Formula” or “Pizza Box Secret Formula.” One day while sitting on his deck facing the ocean, with nothing to write on, he flipped over an empty pizza box and began to write out this marketing epiphany that came to his brilliant mind.

This plan was a system that markets a system. After developing a partnership with a high quality “webucation” company, Rod’s system takes care of all the heavy lifting involved with marketing the company so anyone – with experience, or without experience can plug in and earn commissions from $497-$3497 on a daily basis.

-Tap into a mega-wealthy global market…
-Huge commissions…
-Lead generation software means never be without prospects!

So if you’re searching for a high quality “business in a box” which is completely “turn-key,” generates high commissions, and has very few “moving parts,” Rod’s system truly has it all.

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Author Brian Downs has helped dozens of people with or without experience to succeed in the Secret Formula Teleseminar. For more about Brian, please visit For instant access to the Secret Formula Teleseminar, registration is required. To register, please visit

Network Marketing- Recruiting Means Following all Leads

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Network marketing is great opportunity to make money while working from home. But many people have a hard time moving past selling their products to the recruiting stage. You need to find and recruit people who are serious about network marketing and who are going to continue the circle by doing their own recruiting to be successful within this industry.

Come up with a recruiting strategy that matches you who are and what you’re comfortable doing. Talking to personal acquaintances is a good place to generate leads. Talk to relatives, friends, co-workers, and anyone you know though other groups, such as your fitness class. This group of prospects and leads is often referred to as a “warm group” which means you already know them so talking to them about your product and network marketing won’t be difficult. Every person on the warm list has his or her own set of acquaintances that you don’t know. The reference they give you to these people about you, your product, and your business is a lead you can act on. Make sure you don’t let any of these leads slip through your fingers.

Make sure you carry business cards and brochures with you at all times. Create something unique and catchy that is going to generate interest. Brochures should have information not only about the product you sell but also about network marketing advantages and why people should consider finding out more information about your team. Consistently pass out your cards and brochures. The more you hand out the more likely you are to get those phone calls or emails from interested people. Frequent places where there are lots of people. Consider having a booth at trade shows and fairs that only displays your product but information about your company. You’re there not just to make a sale, but also to create leads to follow up on.

Lastly, make sure you have an online website. Your website is just like any other tool: a way to make sales and to provide people with information about network marketing. Follow up every sale with a letter not only thanking people for their business but also giving them information about the advantages of network marketing.

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Mac Barlow is a successful online marketer who builds home base businesses and network marketing companies. Do you wish to learn more about being financially free, visit my site

Increase Conversions with Personality Profiling

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Hunter or Fisherman

We are all different, personality wise. Some of us are natural hunters and others are fishermen. Some of us like to know all the details first, others just want to get out there, get on with it & have a good time.

Fishermen like nothing more than a long lazy walk along a river bank to find the perfect spot. They take in the scenery, feel the breeze, listen to the sounds of a new day dawning as they quietly set up their tackle and wait for an hour and a half for a tug on their line.

They are relaxed and can drift wherever their thoughts take them, just going with the flow and enjoying the journey.

Hunters are out there chasing their prey, looking for the first opportunity to pounce. Once they have the target in their sights, boom! They are in for the kill. They love the adrenalin rush, the action.

Network Marketing is no different. Some people are like hunters, chasing their prospects hard, not making or accepting any excuses they have to win at all costs. They are interested in how much money they can make. Fishermen are more focused on the relationships that are built within the company and how they can personally develop as individuals. They love the team work, the emotional high and they want to share this with others.

The dilemma is that the high achievers in the industry tend to be more hunter like. That is not to say that fishermen can’t have massive success, but the big hitters, tend to be hunters.

The key is to allow the distributors to be themselves. For a long term sustainable business, you have to teach your hunters to hunt and your fishermen to fish. It’s no good trying to get a fisherman, who uses bait to attract his fish, to approach his prospects like a bull in a china shop.

Likewise, a hunter will be really uneasy with what he will see as the fisherman’s passive and ineffective way to build a business.

The other personalities are those who are very analytical and those who just want to have fun and don’t care about the details. The analyzers need to have all the details before they will decide whether to join or not. They will need to know exactly what they will be doing and how they will be doing it. The funsters don’t have a game plan, they just go out and get on with it. Three months later, they have a team of fifty and the analyzer is still checking his pie chart!

The other really important thing is to determine the personality of your prospects. If you are dealing with a hunter, you will have better rapport if you talk a bit louder and faster, focusing on the money that can be made. If you are dealing with a fisher, you should soften vocally and focus on the relationships you are able to foster and the training that gives you a chance to work on yourself.

If you are dealing with the analytical type, you will need some statistics and a detailed game plan, which they will then execute accurately. The funlovers will just need to know that they will meet tons of great people, go to meetings and have a great time.

If you can recognise the personality type of your prospects and match the way you communicate with them to their personality type, you will improve the rapport you have with them. as a result, your closing ratio can be significantly increased.

To learn more read below.

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For access to a company with the most comprehensive training, including personality profiling, send a blank email to

Build Your Downline Faster – Get Rid Of The Things Slowing You Down!

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Have you been working really hard to build your downline faster, but nothing you do seems to work? It could very well be that you are unknowingly doing things that are actually slowing you down.

In this article, I’ll spell out a couple things (and tweaks) you can make to your marketing system that will have you able to build your downline faster than ever before.

1. Be A Billboard For YOU, Not Your Company: Are you putting a lot of time, effort and money into being a great “billboard” for your company? Does your car have a window sticker on it with your company’s name and logo? Do you have a big flip chart or other similar items that you use to make presentations at your in-home parties? Do you have company business cards and/or a company-replicated website? If so, then you are slowing down your ability to build your downline faster.

The fact is that one of the keys to being able to build your downline faster is positioning YOU as the leading authority in your niche, and then offering people who are already looking for it a solution to a problem or a benefit of some kind. In other words, you don’t want to proclaim how fabulous your company is as a means to build your downline (even if it is!). Instead, you want to proclaim yourself as someone who has something to offer to people who are already out there looking for it. You also want to be in the position for YOU to create a relationship with people.

So if you want to build your downline faster, do not spend your time, energy or money becoming a walking advertisement for your company. All of those things are better spent on becoming a virtual billboard and advertisement for yourself.

2. Stop Convincing And Start Attracting: The other major thing that is likely keeping you from being able to build your downline faster, is that you are trying to recruit people by chasing and convincing them that they want and need to be in your business. If you are under the impression that you need to — or that the best strategy is to — approach people and present them with your business opportunity, then you are putting yourself at a disadvantage before you even start.

To build your downline faster, you need to know how to get your message in front of the people who are already looking for what you are offering. You do not want to spend any time trying to convince people that they should want something in which they have no interest. Not only is this a slow and painful way to get people into your business, but those you do get are unlikely to stick around for long.

To discover a complete step-by-step blueprint for how to build your downline faster and add more reps in a month than most do all year, and to grab my FREE REPORT titled: “How To Create YOUR First 6-Figure Month In Network Marketing,” click on the link above.

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Terry Duff is an elite home based business training specialist who has helped more than 100,000 business owners in more than 30 countries. To discover a complete step-by-step blueprint for how to build your downline faster, and to claim your FREE copy of his report, “How To Create Your First 6 Figure Month In Network Marketing,” click on one of the links above.

Amway Marketing Strategy – ‘Old School’ Doesn’t Work, Or Does It?

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Established in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos Amway now operates in more than 80 different countries. This Direct Selling Company enables more than 3 million people to own independent businesses, but lets take a quick look at what business growth strategies Amway teach.

‘Old School’ Marketing Strategies:

These are not much different from nearly any other MLM’s – try products, make a list of all people you know, seek ‘help’ from your Upline, attend ‘never-ending’ meetings; hand out free samples, flyers, business cards, talk to strangers on the streets; let people know about this business opportunity and the prospects will just jump aboard and join your business….

However, when following ALL techniques mentioned above most people will struggle, suffer, and fail in network marketing industry. As a matter of fact, trying to grow MLM business today by targeting your ‘warm market’ RUIN more relationships than you ever believed is possible.

Trying to grow such important business with the help of flyers, magazines, business cards or by simply attending meetings will also take a tremendous amount of your time, money and effort, usually with very little, or no results.

However, the fact is that with right training and education anyone can build their own Amway business and operate it from home. To really get ahead with this opportunity you would have to search for a different Amway marketing strategy and work on developing marketing systems that targets the masses and helps present your product and services to a wider audience.

Few guides to consider:

1. You should ALWAYS lead with product or service, and NOT with business opportunity.

2. You must learn how to find your TARGET MARKET (people that already have needs, wants, or desires, for products or services), and focus on your marketing campaign.

3. To get the absolute best results out of your marketing campaign you must learn to leverage 3 main tools, that are available for most of us today – telephone, internet and the power of written word (copywriting). These are absolutely mandatory if you want to grow your Amway business from home.

4. You must have a system to follow, a support and a good advice whenever you need for it.

5. You must always try become more effective through your own personal development.

To Summarise:

Nowadays ‘Old school’ methods works hardly for anyone, and promoting to friends and family, or handing out free samples are tactics not much effective for the average modern day distributor. To maximise it’s potentials and create a solid, build-to-last Amway organization you would have to search for different marketing strategies from those taught by Amway, learn how to grow and expand in knowledge, and then develop your own marketing skill-set.

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William V Vysniauskas is a Network Marketing Insider who has been provided with this exceptional opportunity to help network marketers, who are serious about becoming successful, to succeed. For your free report visit Learn To Earn Academy